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Your Rights & How To Protect Them With The Mobile PAC Code

Mobile pac codes may be a totally new thing to many people. It seems like some kind of technobabble that is confusing to anyone other than techies or people who already work in a technology related industry and know all the fancy terms already.

In fact, a pac code is quite a simple thing to understand. For example, if you wanted to switch away from your Vodaphone contract or pay as you go deal, you could contact Vodaphone by telephone or mail and request a vodaphone pac code. As long as you are not a consumer or a business customer with more than 25 phone numbers on your account with Vodaphone, you should be issued a pac code within 2 hours of the request if it’s made over the phone. This is usually sent out by SMS text for simplicity and speed.

Pac Codes Made SimpleYour Rights & How To Protect Them With The Mobile PAC Code

The pac code itself is the same between all UK mobile service providers. It is a unique identifier that helps one network provider communicate which account relates to the mobile number they are requesting to be moved across. Instead of having to record account numbers and other details between providers, only a pac code is needed when a service provider is arranging to transfer a number from an old provider to their mobile service. It makes things relatively simple.

Pac Code Format

The pac code format has three letters from A-Z at the start and then six numbers thereafter, for example: ABC012345.

Pac Code Issuance Rights

Pac codes must be provided by a service provider generally within a couple of hours of the request or within two days if the request is made by mail. The owner of the mobile number has up to 30 days to submit this to their new service provider so that they can arrange the transfer from the old service provider to their service.

On occasion, they can refuse to provide a pac code, but it needs to be for a valid reason. Owing money on the account or still having an existing contract with a term to go about it is not a valid reason. Valid reasons to deny issuance of a pac code include reasons like:

  1. The mobile number does not match the account.
  2. Insufficient identification has been provided verbally or via the postal system to establish that the account owner is communicating with the service provider.
  3. A PAC code was already issued within the last 30 days.
  4. The account owner is now deceased.

What To Do If You Are Refused A Pac Code

You will want to ask the reason for denying the request. It may be a good idea to write to the service provider instead of calling to put in a second request. This way, if the service provider writes back to again deny the request and the reason is not one of the valid reasons listed above, then it may be time to take a complaint to Ofcom, the regulator. The written proof of their refusal will be useful to the regulator in seeking a remedy to the issue.