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Xperia X4 Will Be Officially Revealed Soon In The Market With A Bang

Most newly, Sony has proclaimed one of its better mobile devices of the year i.e. Xperia Z3. According to the views of specifications, Xperia Z3 is better and closed to the beast of the Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S5. Undoubtedly, in camera specifications, Sony has been forever ahead of other manufacturing companies and Xperia Z series famous for its camera sensor and Z3 will acquire it to another level this year. Undoubtedly, it is early to speak about the successor of Sony to Z3 but rumored that Sony has begun working on Xperia X4 that may come into the market in March 2014.

The Evolution

Xperia Z series is not as famous as Galaxy S series of the Samsung, due to the reason that it is not that aged. Certainly, its popularity is rising exponentially due to the reason that it is one of the most influential Smartphone’s. Z series begun in the January 2013 with Xperia Z and in the year 2013, Sony only introduced the next element of this family Z1 that revolutionizes the camera edges for a Smartphone and nowadays, Z2 is prepared to define a new norm and the next Z series is yet in questions.

Xperia X4 Will Be Officially Revealed Soon In The Market With A Bang

Release Date

If anyone will check the release date of Xperia Z4 now then it might not make sense. But according to the past statistics and studying the marketplace, you can say that on March 2015, Sony could schedule the date of releasing of its next series Smartphone device.

While on the other hand, rumors are advising that Galaxy S6 will create their entrance to marketplace in in the same month of Xperia Z4 release. So, certainly, Sony would require something tough that might stand in the marketplace and seem louder. Therefore, again, there is probably Sony may plan date of release for the next Z series in early first quarter of 2015.

Would Device have Arched Display?

Samsung and LG are very first Smartphone manufacturing companies. They have carried out something unique and attractive to the marketplace by introducing Smartphone’s, who have curved display screens. On the other side, people wish to attempt something new, but this type of mobile device would available in the mobile market with a high end worth range. Other than, if Sony has anything interesting and creative to show, then it will carry out in the following Z series. Users expect that nowadays, high end Smartphone’s will characterize a 2K resolution display as well as the same fact is imagined from Sony Xperia X4.

Note 4 and LG G3 are another 2 Smartphone devices in the marketplace that availed such resolution and display technology. There are very insignificant opportunities that there would be the existence of arched display on the next Z series Smartphone device, but it is not confirmed. Some specifications and features of this device are such as 4GB RAM, Octa Core 2.7 GHz processor, non removable 3500mAh battery, Wi-Fi dual band, dustproof and waterproof characteristics, fingerprint sensor included in display, 23.7 MP Sensor, 5.5’’ True IPS display of native 2K resolution. Last but not the least; users are waiting for this device to see something new and unique.