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April 13th, 2013
Why You Need An E-Reader


Why You Need An E-Reader

You have doubtless heard all of the chatter about today’s e-readers and how they will change your life. While you might have decided the good press was just hype, you may not want to write off this popular category of devices altogether. If you think that an e-reader is just an electronic version of a book, you have a lot of surprises in store. These tablets are not static devices with nothing more than words on a page, and each year seems to introduce a whole new generation of e-readers with increased capabilities and functionality. Whether you are a college student, recent grad, new mom, busy dad, or grandparent, there is almost certainly a tablet in the e-book market that will suit your needs and fit your lifestyle. We offer a few good reasons to check out these devices below.


The Obvious Reasons

Just as the name implies, e-readers are an ideal and efficient way to get your reading done. If you are a book lover, a device like a Kindle or Nook seems like the obvious choice, but many devout book enthusiasts claim that they would miss the feel, smell, and experience of a beloved old book if their only option were a streamlined tablet. If you fall into this category, you should perhaps just give an e-reader a whirl. You might be surprised by the ways that a tablet can actually enhance your reading experience. For instance, they are infinitely portable, and some books are not easily tucked away in your handbag or carry-on luggage. One tablet can store numerous books for you to read on a summer vacation or a trip abroad when you would never actually be able to take so many paperbacks with you. E-readers can also store different books for each member of the family, so that you can easily switch from your favorite new biography to your toddler’s favorite story without having to bring multiple volumes–this works just as well for an afternoon of running errands as it does for a road trip.

Enhanced Experience

In spite of what the name implies, you can do more than read on your e-reader. Some tablets, like Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 4G, now come with 4G capabilities, which means you have a rapid connection to the internet from locations all around the world. With apps for services like Facebook and Skype, this means that you can stay in touch with friends and family and read your favorite novels on the same device. You can read through magazines and see photos in stunning quality, while enjoying interactive ads, articles, and videos on your e-reader. The Kindle even has an X-Ray function that allows you to get background information on books and authors as you read. This is especially useful for getting kids and teens interested in reading. People love their e-readers because few other devices are tailored specifically for easy, comfortable reading and surfing the web. The portability, usefulness, and fun that these tablets offer will become increasingly essential in our daily lives, and product upgrades will continue to make them better and easier to use.

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