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Why Skips London Is Best Skip Service

As is well-known fact that due to large-scale campaign by the government to keep environment clean and pollution-free, most of the people prefer to dispose-off their wastes with the help of skip services companies. Many companies are engaged in this service and Skips London is one of them due to many reasons.


Licensed and Registered

One of the most important things for any skip service is that it must be registered with the concerned authorities. Also it must have a valid license from the state authorities for disposal of waste materials to avoid any problem later on. Any skip service can offer its services only if it is duly licensed and registered by the concerned authorities. Skips London fulfils all these conditions and is apt for its job.

Highly Competitive Rates

Skips London offers its services at affordable and reasonable rates. Even medium class people can afford to get their wastes disposed-off with the help of this company at competitive prices. No compromise is made by the company in its services owing to lower rates.

Domestic, Commercial and Trade Wastes

Skips London is engaged in offering skip services to dispose-off all types of wastes including domestic wastes from households, commercial wastes from industries and other trade related wastes as well. So anyone can avail of their skip services to remove wastes from any place.


Skips London is offering its services to its valued customers for so many years and hence it is quite experienced in dealing with different situations of waste management. Owing to its vast experience, it can even deal with some odd situation of waste removal and can solve problems of waste management for some customers who may have some adverse conditions at their place.

Availability of different Skip Yards

Mostly skip services offers only one or two sizes of waste removal. But Skips London has different skip yards including 4 yard, 6 yard, 8 yard and 12 yard. Customers need not hire different skip services for removal of their wastes. Therefore, it is easy for customers to get different sizes of wastes removed from one company only and that too at competitive prices.

Same Day or Next Day Service

Skips London is so efficient and quick in their services that it offers its skip services on the very same day or at the most next day when any customer hires it. So customers need not wait for longer time.

Wait & Load Service

Sometimes a permit is not obtained by the skip companies for removal of wastes. In this case, they can’t load their bins from their customers’ place. But Skips London has an alternative to solve this situation. It offers wait and load service where the driver waits while the customer fills his wastes into the skip and takes away the waste materials when the customer is has completed his job. So customers need not wait longer for the permit.

Due to all the above mentioned services and facilities provided by the company, Skips London is considered to be the best skip service.

  • Jun 8, 2013
  • Ben Parker
  • Business