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Why Businesses Are Turning Towards E-Mail Services

E-mail is an enormous part of running a business, it is the life blood. Quite a few companies still do run their own email servers for the entire office, this is not a good thing to do these day’s and it is not very cost effective and it also means you have to babysit the SMTP and POP servers around the clock.

Hosting Business Email Elsewhere

Why Businesses Are Turning Towards E-Mail Services

A lot of businesses have quit using their own servers as the costs and the maintenance are so high, they constantly have to be updated and patched as well as backed up. There are services available on the Internet to take care of all this for you, it’s called E-mail Hosting.

E-mail hosting takes all of the risks of running your own servers away from you, no more will you have high running costs and even need an ICT team to babysit it. Many of these services run Microsoft E-mail Exchange and they take care of everything for you, including the backing up of contacts and emails.


The security is very tight with the services as this is all they do, day in, day out. All SMTP and POP servers are patched and updated on the fly. They are also backed up on a daily basis, this will take all of the worry and stresses away from you.

The Features

The features you can get with a business plan are quite brilliant, everything is literally taken care of for you! Here are some of the great features available:

  • Able to access accounts via web mail
  • Up to 25GB storage in your mailboxes
  • Able to send large attachments
  • Low running costs
  • Multi-mail client compatibility
  • Spam protection
  • And more!

Using E-mail hosting for your business will save quite a bit of money too as it would be a lot cheaper than running your own servers in your office.


Tim Pat Dufficy is the managing director and founder of Server Space Limited, which provides hosting and connectivity services for various sectors. Clients include NBC Universal, Recipero LTD and Jurys Inns Hotel Group. In 2012, Deloitte positioned ServerSpace as the tenth fastest growing tech company in the UK. Since 2006, its services have allowed IT managers to sleep at night knowing their servers are located in a secure, custom-built data centre with 24/7 monitoring. Companies can take advantage of these bespoke cloud services to suit their unique business needs.