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Which New Surgery Technologies are Changing Lives

Medical science is continually making large advancements towards improving individual’s lives. You never know when you might need to go in for a procedure or operation and receive treatment that, only a few years ago, simply wasn’t possible. While many of the more common procedures have been around for some time, there are several new surgery technologies that are changing people’s lives. So whether you need major reconstructive surgery or need help losing weight, there are several new techniques that are going to improve the success rate and reduce the amount of recovery time there is.

Brain Stimulation

328891935_9bcc827666_zDeep brain stimulation surgery is making a rather sizable improvement and continues to develop. This is very important for anyone suffering from mental disorders, ranging from schizophrenia to Parkinson’s. All of these issues directly affect the brain and change the functionality of almost every aspect of your body. The brain stimulation surgery helps redevelop lost connections inside the brain, making it easier for parts of the brain to communicate with one another, such as memory and movement of the body. While there are still large ways to go when it comes to treating these kinds of mental conditions, every advanced step helps.

Help Losing Weight

Losing weight is difficult for many individuals, and it seems like it doesn’t matter how hard they exercise or what they eat, they just can’t seem to shed the pounds. If you are such a person that is struggling with weight you might want to consider checking out the Lap Band. This is one of the more advanced forms of medical surgery in terms of weight loss as a band is directly inserted into your stomach and it basically tightens and shrinks off an area of the stomach. With a smaller stomach you feel fuller faster and tend to eat less food. This should help you shed pounds rather fast, and it is often a life saver for people who are just not able to burn off extensive amounts of weight. If you are just looking to cut back a few pounds here or there this is not a suitable option as the Lap Band is designed to drastically reduce your weight.

From a Distance

Computer aided surgery has been a staple in the medical community for some time now, although only recently has it picked up to the point where medical professionals don’t even have to be present in order to perform the operation. Through a series of controls and monitors, the medical doctor and clinical nurses are able to treat a patient and perform surgery half a world away. The robot used on the other end of the connection actually has the ability to improve surgical results as there are no hand tremors or other movements that a human being has while a robot doesn’t.

There are many different ways in which medical science is going to improve your life and you might be rather surprised as to some of the more recent improvements the sector has undergone in recent years. Unless you are a regular visitor at the hospital, chances are many of the procedures and operations will be completely new to you. You might not know what forms of surgery are available to you and how these forms are able to drastically and significantly improve the quality of your life and reduce the amount of time it takes to recover from surgery. After all, no matter the procedure, you want to be back on your feet and out of recovery as quickly as possible. While technology continues to evolve, medical science is often one of the first sectors to integrate advancements.

Image Courtesy: Aban Nesta and WealthOfHealth4

  • Jun 26, 2013
  • Deeson Arnibal
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