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When Will Samsung Galaxy S5 Release?

This is the question being asked by an unprecedented number of smartphone enthusiasts. When will Samsung Galaxy S5 Release? Well, no one has the perfect answer for this, and all you are going to see online are pure rumors or analysis done on the basis of the past releases. However, this article will discuss the possible release dates of the Samsung S5 smartphone and provide a deep analysis into the same, so as to facilitate your decision of buying the S5.

When Will Samsung Galaxy S5 Release?

Firstly, there is extreme pressure on the Korean firm to come up with Samsung Galaxy S5. This is not because of the market conditions, but the ever growing craze of its fans towards having the latest technologies in their hands. Galaxy S5 will make their dreams come true, as it will be equipped with some specs and features never witnessed before, when it releases. For instance, it will have an infrared sensor, which will able you to measure the temperature of your young ones without a single pinch of trouble.

Secondly, the Apple iPhone 6 is going to rock the market in the first quarter of 2014. So, if Samsung sets the Galaxy S5 release date in US and other countries nearby, it will face tough competition from its main rival Apple. Hence, it has to place every foot with great precaution. We have already seen the fight between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4, which was further boosted by the fact that Apple and Samsung smartphones are by far, most loved by the technology enthusiasts. Samsung Galaxy S5 will only toughen the situation for iPhone, if it releases at the right time and with the right amount of publicity.

Samsung S5 release date will also be affected by the fact that the major smartphone manufacturing companies need some time to strategize their device and come up with possible solution to users’ problems as well as demands. S4 saw a huge 10 million hits in less than a month, and if the trend continues, we might see Galaxy SV shave off the record within 15 days. If that happens, it will be a big warning for Apple who has ruled the smartphone world till now with its appealing iPhone devices. Furthermore, if Samsung adds a pinch of affordability to the above discussed high-end features and specs, it will surely knock out some other low-priced smartphones like Google Nexus 5. The release date of Galaxy S5 also has to be strategized accordingly so it doesn’t come out near Apple iPhone 6. Although it should be a better phone than the Apple device according to top analysts, there will be surely a decrease in total sales, if this does happen.

However, this is only possible if the company doesn’t make any mistake in terms of release date of the device. Recently the internet was buzzed with 2013 release date rumors of Samsung Galaxy S5. They were ofcourse fake and were meant to further brighten up the hype surrounding the smartphone. When someone asked Samsung about the Galaxy S5 release date, they only smiled back and said, “Why don’t you ask us about the S6 release”? What do you think?