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What Will Printing Documents Be Like in the Future

Even though people like eBooks and emails, there’s nothing like the material presence of a book or letter. Sometimes you want to offer something a person can feel and touch. Printing technology is advancing with the times.

Consumers thrive on convenience and quality, and they refuse to accept anything less. No matter what type of document you require, it has to be vibrant, clear, legible and true to color. While there are a number of new ink technologies, here are three printing technologies that are the wave of the future.

Mobile Printing

As more and more people move away from personal computers, and laptops; the use of mobile technology is steadily increasing.

You can access all the same information on your mobile device, which you can access on a traditional computer or laptop. As you do more business on the go, you’ll need the ability to print from your phone. While on the road, or at a meeting, you can print reports and presentations on the spot, directly from your handset.


3D Printing
Within the next twenty to thirty years 3D printing will change the way we function as a society. Everyday items like clothes will be dispensed from a printer in the home. It sounds impossible, but the technology already exists, and as scientists continue to improve on it, the faster it will be in your laundry room.

3D printers will also affect the way we print documents.

A basic presentation containing graphs, will have an actual 3D model of the graph to present. This element will bring your stats to life, and represent your ideas in a way clients can clearly interpret. Although this may require special materials, basic ink can still be used for some projects.

Photo Real Printing

This isn’t as new as the other two technologies, but over the last few years the technology has greatly improved. The key is the ink and printer you choose.

Printing actual photographs to fabric is an old trend that has come back to life. In the past, when you printed onto fabric there was a concern that the picture would not come out clear, or that it would crack after a few light washes. Now, photo real printing is so clear and vibrant, it can be applied as a full print on fabric as opposed to just a picture on the front of a t-shirt.

No matter which method you use to complete your printing projects, you’ll always need the best ink and paper so every document can look its best. Whether you’re creating a memory from a picture, presentation, brochure, greeting card, post card, poster, or letterhead; you want it to catch people’s eyes for all the right reasons. Not because they can’t tell what it is.