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What Is The Role Of Planograms In Product Positioning Within A Retail Outlet?

  • Jun 22, 2017
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In recent years, new ideas are emerging on how to position a product within a retail store. In this context, it is vital to note that lots of appeals depend on how to place a product correctly as it can quickly catch the eyes of the customer. Moreover, these days it has become a trend to lay stress on the correct order to position a product as it can increase the sales of the product. On the other hand, placing a product requires a high amount of skills and one should be aware of the fact that these specialised skills rest with the experts in these fields. Positioning a product also requires certain amounts of artistic skills and hence it is vital that the retail outlet focuses on the right type of personnel to carry out this job.

What Is The Role Of Planograms In Product Positioning Within A Retail Outlet?

What are the advantages of retail merchandising planograms?

It is a widely believed perception that if the product is right, then it can sell by itself. But as per the inputs from the visual merchandisers, an effective advertisement is not always necessary to increase the sales of the product. This is where visualization of a product comes into play. Moreover, the visual experts can effectively help a retail outlet to make sure that they have included retail merchandising planograms in the retail store. By using this suitable visualization technique, one can effectively manage the space of the shelf on which the product is to be placed. Moreover, it can ensure that the goods can be restocked in such a manner that it meets the requirements of the buyer. This technique can help to place the4 right product at the right time so that it can catch the attention of the customer.

The role of marketing audit in increasing the sale of the product

The scope of marketing audit for an organisation revolves around the theme of analysing the problem areas of a company regarding penetrating the market. Hence, the marketing audit for any new business will include the influences of the external and internal factors on that business. The internal factors include the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By assessing its strengths and weaknesses, the company or the organisation will make sure that it continues to improve its customer service. On the other hand, by assessing its opportunities and threats, it will make sure that it continues to expand its business. The external factors will make sure that it complies according to the trends of the economy and norms of the government. Moreover, making consumers aware about products in the marketplace would also ensure that the company can attract a lot of positive attention.

Hence, by careful assessment of several marketing factors, it can be ensured that the product can be sold in a much efficient way. Macro and microenvironmental factors are not in the hands of marketers. However, they still influence the decisions in a strategic marketing strategy. Any new business that wants to launch its new product has to make sure that they have the right promotional strategies in the place apart from product positioning.