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What Is The Perfect Working Space According To Science

Workspace is one of those features that can either serve as the boosting wind in your back or an anchor that drags you to the bottom. Since most young business owners lack experience in many fields, they should rely on firm scientific facts. They are the most reliable way to get proper features for your business and avoid some common dead ends. So, let’s see how to make your workspace a perfect place for work on the basis of some scientific findings.

What Is The Perfect Working Space According To Science

The Power of Color(s)

You do not have to be a color expert to realize that colors affect our behavior and mood on a daily basis. This power of colors is a good reason to pay special attention to their implementation in your business surroundings.

First and foremost, every work space should have as much natural light as possible. This is why many companies opt for open-space offices, thinking that they will ensure enough light from the sun by doing so. However, latest studies show that this kind of office organization has some serious drawbacks.

What Is The Perfect Working Space According To Science

Secondly, make sure that your business rooms are painted differently, in accordance with their purposes. For instance, the rooms for brainstorming and decision-making meetings should be dominated by blue and green colors, since they are real creativity boosters. On the other hand, conference rooms for CEOs need to contain red color, since it improves evaluative and analytical skills.

Mess as a Blessing

We usually hear from scientists that messy desks are terrible distracters, but a new study shows that this does not have to be the case. While it seems that employees who insist on completely de-cluttered desks do perform better in terms of organization and conventional solutions, messy workers show a tendency towards more creative ideas. Actually, it is logical that an unrestricted mind that is constantly brainstorming can yield some ingenious ideas.

This is why it would be smart to team up workers on the basis of their mess preferences. Otherwise it could be a real disaster. Just remember that scene from Friends where Monica is forcing Chandler to categorize all of their CDs [source]. You do not want your workers do go upon that path.

What Is The Perfect Working Space According To Science

It’s All About the Layout

Although every detail is important when it comes to office organization and decorations, the layout still remains the most influential feature. As we have already stated, there are more and more scientific findings that disapprove of the open-space office arrangement. Therefore, try to go with a different approach. For starters, go with several smaller offices, shared by a suitable number of workers. In this approach, a team-based division is the most practical one.

Also, there should be a common shared area, or a couple of them. For instance, one room could be the filing and printing area. Here you could install some useful filing cabinets, as well as a printer and a copy machine. Also, do not forget to keep a spare HP toner at the reach of your hand, to be ready in case of a printing emergency.

What Is The Perfect Working Space According To Science

Finally, one room or special area should be turned to a lounge territory, where you workers will be spending their breaks and hanging out, as sort of an in-house place for team building.

Freedom to workers

If a business owner wants their employees to perceive their workspace as something that really belongs to them, the workers should be allowed to decorate the offices in accordance with their own preferences. For instance, they can bring their own personal memorabilia. Such details will make their work day a more comfortable and relaxed experience. Also, they should be encouraged to bring plants to their offices, too.

According to research, plants have a beneficial effect on office workers, since they enhance the feelings of happiness and joy, contributing to business productivity. The more personal items an employee brings into your office, the higher is their sense of commitment and belonging.

Science is always the best adviser when you do not have enough experience. It will give you best solutions to your office-organization problems, enabling you to make your office a comfortable and efficient work unit.