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What Is Tech PR And Why You Should Choose It As A Career

Public Relations has always been a popular career choice but it is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. It is a notoriously difficult industry to get into and most of those working in PR have a degree in public relations, journalism or marketing. One of the best ways to get into public relations is to choose a specific industry such as tech PR. Choosing a specific area of PR means you will not only be teamed with your knowledge of PR but also your knowledge of that particular industry. So with this in mind what exactly is the industry of tech PR and what is it like to work in this industry?


What Is Tech PR?

Tech PR or Technology PR is a specific industry with in public relations. Tech PR agencies only provide public relations to those companies and businesses working within the technology sector. The Tech PR professional’s job is to promote their clients products and services in a positive way, build a strong relationship with the brand and the public and build a positive reputation. The Tech PR professional must make sure they communicate the brand and the products in a way that the general public will understand without using technical jargon. As a Tech PR professional you must fully understand the brands and products of your clients, but know the general public’s understanding of technology and the way in which it is used.

Why Work In Tech PR?

Tech PR is a constantly evolving industry. There is always a new product or a new invention in the technology industry and there for your job is constantly changing. You will be continuously learning and understanding new technologies which can be exciting at times, especially as as an insider you often will learn of new devices and inventions before the general public do.

You’re level of understanding of these products needs to be strong, and because of this you will need to familiarise yourself with new products and new brands. Any job in which you are always learning something new is appealing to many and the job is ever changing.

What Skills Do You Need?

In order to work in public relations you need to boast several skills. You need to be able to work well under pressure, meet deadlines, have strong writing and communication skills and have a passion for public relations and communicating with the public. To work in tech PR you should have a interest in technology and be willing to learn about new brands and products. Do not confuse an interest in technology with the ability to be able to programme, develop and create technological devices though. A general interest in technology and the willingness to learn is enough to work in the technology PR industry.

Eilidh MacRae works for Eclat who are a tech PR agency. She believes that the tech PR industry is a great one to work in and would reccomend choosing a career as a tech PR professional.

  • Apr 13, 2013
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