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What Aspects You Should Take Into Account When Purchasing An eBook Reader?

  • Sep 1, 2013
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For those who think that libraries and printed books are obsolete, the eBook Reader, a portable device that allows reading books in digital format, was invented. eBook stands for electronic book is and is actually a virtual book.

Although reading a printed book is definitely a more personal experience, eBook Readers offer a tremendous advantage. You can have an entire library on a single device which is easy to transport and comfortable to read anywhere. Imagine reading one of George R.R. Martin’s books from the series “A son of Fire and Ice” on the subway. Those books have like 1,000 pages each. Since we started talking about Game of Thrones, you can find great info regarding the show in one of the many interesting articles on Ten Mania.

Purchasing an eBook Reader

But let’s get back to our eBook Readers. Here’s what aspects you need to consider when you want to buy such a device.

The eBook Reader has Lots of Advantages Compared to a Smartphone

First of all, the eBook Reader’s battery can last for an entire month, while a smartphone’s needs to be charged almost on a daily basis, if the owner spends a lot of time using it (with internet, apps, social media accounts, the battery won’t last too long).

Secondly, the display of an eBook Reader is usually 6-7 inches (15-17 centimeters), so you get to read a book the same size as a printed book and the text can be covered easily as LED illumination allows a much better visibility than with a tablet.

In terms of price, an eBook Reader is always more affordable than a tablet, depending of the brand and settings.


Size and weight of an eBook reader are two important issues for any buyer. Some seek to have a smaller device that can fit in your pocket or purse and they are absolutely right. The eBook Reader is designed to be taken everywhere without taking up much space.

If you have trouble reading, a screen of no more than 5 inches should be sufficient, especially since you can shrink or make fonts larger. There are eBook Readers with a 12-inch screen that displays more text on the screen.

Diversified Content

With an eBook Reader, you can read as many books as you want because each eBook Reader provides access to incredible “virtual libraries”. Some offer access to over one million titles through Google Books, others offer access to hundreds of thousands of books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

If you are looking for a very powerful eBook, you can find various models of devices that provide access to a limited number of publications and magazines. In general, the weakest eBook Reader can store at least 1,000 books, enough to keep you excited for the next ten holidays..

Companies that produce eBook readers are also oriented towards creating devices for those who are attracted to the “text-to-speech” option, meaning that they want to listen to somebody’s voice. In this case the eBook Reader does all the reading, while the owner listens.