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What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Cigarettes always seem to be a hot button issue. It seems there are always ads online, on the tv, and in magazines – not to mention people – talking about how bad cigarettes are. They smell, they’re expensive, they’re hazardous to your health (and the health of people around you) and quite frankly – they’ve lost their pop-culture appeal. So what’s a smoker to do that can’t quite seem to kick the habit, or doesn’t want to, to do? In this day and age we have access to smoking alternatives – Electronic Cigarettes.

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What are Electronic Cigarettes?

The principle behind them is quite simple. An electronic cigarette actually vaporizes liquid containing the nicotine (the part that causes cravings) so that a person can inhale the substance. The liquid containing the nicotine (before it’s vaporized) is in almost all cases tobacco free. While Electronic have been around since the 70’s, they’ve only recently gained real popularity. Here’s why:

In recent years there’s been quite a push to improve the health of individuals as a whole, and as many would be lead to believe cigarettes are bad for you. At the very least they’re bad for your pocket book. It is true that cigarettes contain many different harmful chemicals, and it’s also true that Electronic Cigarettes contain little (if any) of these chemicals. Just in that alone – they’re much healthier for you.

What about all the People around you?

Well, when someone exhales from an electronic cigarette generally all that comes out is water vapor. Generally when an individual smokes in a public place they’re frowned upon. Why is this? Most people that don’t smoke aren’t interested in getting a lungful of secondhand smoke. The laws and current attitude towards the average smoker haven’t made it easy for someone that wants a smoke midway through dinner, or while at a movie. With Electronic Cigarettes there’s no worry about that at all. They’re usable in almost all public places. The worst you can get for using one is a stern frown.

The cost of conventional cigarettes is also something to be considered. According to the American Lung Association the average cost for a pack of cigarettes (in the US) is $5.51. While the average cost of an Electronic Cigarette varies from company to company (like Uniqbuy E-cigarette), they’re generally much cheaper allowing a money conscious smoker to still get what they want and not let their wallet suffer in the process.

It’s an individual’s choice whether or not to smoke after the age of 18 in the US. With Electronic Cigarettes the individual can do something they enjoy without worrying about any of the conventional issues coming from smoking be it health, social, or economic. Electronic Cigarettes are simply a better choice, both for you – and those around you.

  • Jun 24, 2013
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