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Web Designing And Its Role In The Development Of A Website

Web designing brings certain aspects together so as to provide businesses with websites that are not just aesthetic but include unique content and function well. This in turn lets businesses get more leads.

Website Designing and Website Development are the two most commonly used terms in the IT (Information Technology) industry. The growing online presence of businesses has led to the emergence of more websites. Nowadays, every company wants to have the best website for their business; and the fulfilment of this wish is highly dependent on designing of a website. After all, the better a design of a website, the better would be its development.

Web Designing And Its Role In The Development Of A Website

An Overview of Web Designing

To understand this better, it is better to know what website designing is all about. It is something that encompasses a number of technical disciplines and skills related to the creation and maintenance of a website. The field takes into its purview the things like web graphic design, code standardisation, interface design, user experience design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). However, it is believed to partially overlap website engineering when considered in the broader sense of website development.

The Role of Web Designing     

Web designing, as a whole, plays a crucial role in the development of a website in the present era. Now, there are a number of factors that make it so important and just a well-designed website can give the web users what they want thus making a business have a successful online presence. The aspects of web development that a web designing take care of are:

  • Conversion Rate:

This is the key reason why every business runs after developing a website. After all, in the present day, it is a website through which a company can reach their target audience. Now, if a website is not much appealing, it won’t be able to attract visitors; and here comes the importance of website designing. The better the design of a site, the more attractive would it be. As a result, it would be visited by an increased number of visitors which in turn would get the business more leads.

  • Aesthetics:

As already discussed, aesthetics covers a huge part of website designing. Making a website look attractive and pretty is what every web designer should aim at. While designing a website, a professional web designer must keep in mind that the design should be such that the content of the live website should have a flow; it should take a visitor to the targeted goal. Now, this flow can be achieved from the following three aspects:

  1. Giving a website a definite purpose
  2. Directing visitors in an organised manner
  3. Providing web users with fresh and relevant content
  • Search Engine Optimisation:

The development of a website is considered to be successful when it is designed with the SEO aspects kept in mind. After all, this is the age of Internet Marketing and if a website isn’t search engine optimised, then it’s useless to have it for a business. Hence, a web designer needs to design a website very carefully so that it includes the option for incorporating the future changes required for the purpose.

  • Functionality:

Websites can be developed by any IT professional having the basic knowledge of website development. However, it might not be a standard website with all the functionalities in place. Many websites are found to have horizontal scroll bars, unintentional white spaces, ridiculous fonts and etc. Such poorly designed websites leave a negative impression on the visitor that in turn affects the conversion rate. Thus, it is highly important to design a website well before developing it.

Now, owing to the huge demand of web designers, if you have planned to build a career in this field, you have taken the right path to success. However, while you plan your career in web designing, you should even search for the best web designing institute in town to get trained on the subject. For example, if you stay in Kolkata, joining the best web design training institute in Kolkata can help you stay ahead of others and get a lucrative job.

Author Bio: Anamika Paul is a trainer at a web design training institute in Kolkata. She loves to blog about how you need to plan your career so as to get a lucrative job.