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WakaWaka Power- Convenient Solar Power for My Phone

The WakaWaka Power is a portable charger and lamp in one. That in itself is great convenience. I found my WakaWaka, Power pretty efficient. The fact that I get to use it for lighting and as a charger saved me a lot of trouble. The unit is pretty compact. It is small and light weight. This is something I found very impressive. I mean to have a lamp and charger the size of most smart phones? It takes up so little space when carrying it around.

When I say it’s efficient, I mean it provides the needed power with so little effort. For one, it takes about a day to charge the unit, at least that’s what it took me. I understand however that this may depend on what the weather looks like. If you are lucky enough to have a sunny day, then a day will do. I just needed to find the right spot to place my WakaWaka Power and I was good. I have a balcony that gets a lot of sun so that’s my favorite spot. I just set it nicely and leave it there. I can even go out and come back later to reset the angle a little.

WakaWaka Power- Convenient Solar Power for My Phone

One thing I appreciate about the WakaWaka Power is the build of the whole thing. It is designed in a way that you can set it on the ground and leave it there safely. I don’t have to worry that the device will fall or something. The cover of the device opens to act as a base for the solar panel. All I have to do is set it at the right angle. I wasn’t so sure initially about the panel. It looked small and I thought it would take forever to charge the battery. That was not the case though. It served the purpose pretty well.

When my unit is fully charged, I can get all the power I need from it. I can charge my smart phone in a matter of hours. It took about 4 hours to charge my LG L5. To be fair though, I was still using my phone while it was charging. I love the fact that with this unit I can charge my phone wherever I am. Am a student and am always on my phone. I get very annoyed when my phone suddenly dies on me in the middle of the day. Then I have to spend hours finding a place to charge my phone because everybody else is either charging theirs or their laptops. With the WakaWaka Power, I can just carry it with me for those kinds of emergencies.

I can also charge more than one device because the unit has two USB ports. Besides the charging, there’s the lamp too. If the lights happen to go out at night, which happens a lot where am from, I just turn on the lamp. It gives very bright light which I can regulate the way I like. The WakaWaka Power is pretty easy to use. A few tries and I eventually got the hang of it.

I was impressed with how the WakaWaka foundation is helping people in the Philippines through the buy one give one campaign. The way it works is that, for every WakaWaka Power, there is one that is given to the campaign to help bring light to the people that were affected by typhoon Haiyan. This will help them get clean power for a while. They won’t have to worry about spending money on kerosene or other sources of power. The buy one give one campaign is made possible with the help of the IRC which helps with the distribution.

  • Nov 26, 2013
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