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Using Latest Gadgets As Effective Promotional Products

We seem to be living in an era where nothing can be done without the almighty Internet, and this is even more obvious in the business world. With the digital realm taking over the marketing branch, we must stop to wonder are all the conventional marketing tactics, such as giving away promotional products, obsolete? The truth is that there is still something to work with, but there’s a need for some changes.

The traditional promotional items, like pens, key chains and hats, have stayed in the previous era, but that doesn’t mean that the whole concept of giving gifts to customers has. The products have to be adapted to modern lifestyle, which makes the latest gadgets the most effective promotional items. Here are some neat products which could serve that purpose.

Mobile Phone Chargers

When deciding about the promotional products, you should think about what the clients will use the most and what is most likely to go from hand to hand. Phone chargers are very popular, since people lose them often, and buying a new one each time isn’t exactly the solutions. Your brand’s name on a mobile phone charger that is used by many people, will ensure you exposure and a positive word of mouth, which is, after all, the best start of every successful marketing campaign.

Using Latest Gadgets As Effective Promotional Products

Portable Battery Chargers

This gift will be loved not only by travelers, but also by customers who spend hours at work and forget to refill their phone batteries. We all know how inconvenient it can be when our phone battery is dead and we have nowhere to plug it in. Solve this problem for your customers and they will love to come back to you for more services or products. You can choose between an ordinary portable battery charger, or include eco-friendliness into the game and give away solar power banks.

USB Flash Drives

Our most important data is no longer stored in folders in our drawers. Now, we store them on our computers and use USBs as backup solution, or when we need to transfer them on other devices. By giving your customers custom promotional USB drives you are making sure a lot of people will see your logo and business colors, since they tend to change hands often. Since their memory capacity can go up to 128 GB, try not to skimp on it.

Phone/Tablet Cases

This may be one of the most affordable promotional gifts here, but it also gives you the freedom to play with design (you can have special designs for the most loyal customers or the most exclusive clients). The most common sizes for tablets are 7 and 10 inches, while smartphone owners usually decide for 4.7 inches, but you should also make a couple more cases for the second most popular size – 5 inches. Ordering a certain number of laptop cases is a good idea if most of your clients are businessmen. If these products become sought-out-for you can even sell them on your website.

Using Latest Gadgets As Effective Promotional Products

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning products (cloths, liquids, sprays, etc.) are used very often in houses and in offices. Just like employees clean their computers/laptops and other devices and equipment in the office, non-working (or working from home) customers wipe their tech at home. Since there’s nothing more annoying than the sight of a smudged screen (on the phone or computer). Here, your promotional product steps in to save the day. Give your customers branded cleaning kit containing microfiber cloth and screen cleaning spray.

The future is here, and instead of completely erasing all the methods marketers used in the past, it just adapted them to specific needs of people living in this highly digitalized era. This way, the usability of promotional products is increased along with the brand visibility.