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Understanding the newly launched technology and software in modern era

  • May 13, 2013
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May 13th, 2013
Understanding the newly launched technology and software in modern era

In this ever changing world, many developments have been there in technology and software development. It is quite important to stay updated and to know the latest trend, methodologies and current technology. Many new developments are taking place and these technologies have made our life easier and faster. Be it at home or office, we are able to do much more work with the help of the technology.

Understanding the newly launched technology and software in modern era

Solutions for office task

There are certain companies who provide advance software to the offices and firms according to their requirement so that they can easily carry out their work. They constantly work for developing and delivering business application software to manage the front office, supply chain and back office operation. It also offers supply chain, enterprise asset, human capital, workforce, customer relations, warehouse, product lifestyle, corporate performance, finance solution, distribution, hospitality, resource planning, and public sector software solutions. Charles Phillipsis the graduate teaching assistant and research assistance. He has developed several use office software. He likes to stay updated about the advancement happing in the technologies.

Uses of office software

With the advancement of technology there have been several developments and inventions to make the work easier and faster. Several office software programs are available which can complete the task within few seconds. And if office software is concerned Microsoft comes first. Some o f the famous and useful Microsoft office software is –

  • Ms Word
  • Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft InfoPath
  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Project

These all are for desktop application. It is quite easy to use. One just needs basic computer skills to operate these all and these are useful and important office applications.

The most advance technology- Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is the enterprise network storage where the data or information is stored not in the computer but in a virtualized storage poll which is usually hosted by a third party. These hosting companies usually operated in big data center and the users who want to store their data usually lease or buy the storage capacity. The safety of data files depends on the storage hosting websites. Cloud storage has several advantages. And the most important advantage is that you can save and store your important files there without worry to lose them.

Top Cloud Storage units

Some of the top and popular cloud storage units are –

  • Microsoft SkyDrive – SkyDrive is the Cloud storage unit launched by Microsoft. It offers many features.  Here you can edit your documents and the integration of social media (Google Drive) helps you in sharing and uploading your post directly.
  • Syncplicity- This service aims in integrating the business apps like Microsoft SharePoint, Sales-force, Google Docs and Google Apps along with the files or data present in your computer.
  • Box – It is a Calif, Los Altos based storage unit. It offers scalable and customizable syncing online tools which includes useful security features.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

Whenever it comes to storage of data, the cloud storage becomes the first preference. Here are the advantages of cloud storage –

  • Adorable cost
  • Cloud storage is invisible that means it is physically not present
  • High security
  • Automatically creates data back up
  • Cloud storage can be easily accessed
  • Syncing ensures that your file is automatically updated
  • Easy sharing of data like photos or videos

Author Bio

Keith Patton is a computer programmer who works with implementing security software for various companies. He idolizes Steve Heyer, and hopes that we would soon be able to emulate the success of Heyer when it comes to the computer programming field.

  • May 13, 2013
  • Angelina37
  • Software