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Top 6 Operating System For PC

Operating System is considered to be the backbone for a PC since it is in the forefront of performing highly important and dedicated tasks. Life is quite fast paced and we want to accomplish the things instantly. Therefore, the following article will arm you with the Top 6 Operating System For PC which will ease you in your quest of searching for the best operating system for PC.


Ubuntu 12.10

The world salutes this app owing to the fact that it has excellent graphics along with enriching looks. You do not have to worry about the speed since it ensures faster access as well. If you were afraid of getting virus earlier, but it won’t be the case now in the presence of such a coveted operating system. Your PC ensures better and everlasting stability.  Thanks to its exemplary faculties, esteemed customers are surely going to enjoy to the fullest as well.

Windows 7

Window 7 is easy to install and there is nothing to worry since it is crash free. What more you want since it ensures mind-blowing graphics support for HQ games. Therefore, you are surely going to get the best sort of assistance like the way you want as well.


The list will not do justice in the absence of Macintosh since there is no dearth of facilities. From mind-blowing interface, enriching graphics, sophistication effects to greater stability you have all the things which should be there in an ideal operating system for PC.

Linux Mint

How can you miss Linux Mint as it is attached with various advantages. Some of the renowned and exemplary facilities which are synonymous with this are that app is free from any sort of virus. What more you want since the operating system is accompanied with pre-included software centre along with the audio and video which are there from before as well. Therefore, it deserves to be in the list since it offers better and enhanced stability as well. Great, isn’t it?


Being a Linux-based operating system, it ensures an easy, fast as well as quick way to install renowned software. If you are looking for on-demand proprietary codes, then Freespire is there towards accomplishing your burgeoning needs as well. Apart from that, there are host of other drivers which are being offered for your graphics card, wireless etc.

Windows XP

Windows XP has the credit of being adjudged as the best and fastest operating system and it is not wrong to say that it ranks even higher than Windows 8. Therefore, it has to be in the list owing to its immense contribution and utility.

Finally, aforesaid are the Top 6 operation system for PC which will ease you towards experiencing a life of ease and comfort. All of them are the best amongst the rest. Hence, as you read the article you can easily choose the one which meets your needs and requirements. It will pave for ease, comfort and luxury. Thereby, it will enhance your joy and happiness manifolds too.

  • Jun 18, 2013
  • Rihana Smith
  • Software