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Top 10 Terrific Music Producing Software For The iPad

Do you know that it is possible to create great professional sounding music using your iPad? There are specially designed iPad music producing software which you can use for this purpose. If you’re not sure on which one to choose, here are our top ten apps that you could try:

10. Pianist Pro

Boasting professional-grade pianos, Pianist Pro lets you create great music at your fingertips. One of its notable features is its 16 recorded instruments which include guitars, organs, pianos and synths.

You can configure your screen so that all its 88 keys can be displayed. It also gives you the option to use a MIDI keyboard if you are making music while on the go.

With a starting price of $5, it is perhaps one of the most inexpensive music applications available.

9. Studio Track

Studio Track is a music producing software that has a mixer and recorder with up to eight tracks. It uses large and colorful knobs for an easier interface. Included in its set of features are meters and faders as well as bounce and mix capabilities. It is also capable of importing and exporting files through email.

8. StompBox

In one of Apple’s commercials, they used StompBox to illustrate the possibility of making good music using the iPad. This application has powerful digital effects that can enhance your music. They include 17 modules of digital effects, reverb, phaser, flanger, pitch shifter and chorus.

It is also notable for its four-track loops recording capability. It can also playback using an external amp while connecting your guitar.

7. Garageband

Using Garageband, you can have access to a huge range of instruments including synths, keyboard, guitar and percussion and orchestral instruments. It also has virtual drummers, voice and an intuitive sound library.

With this application, it is easier and more fun to record, edit and make professional music. You can also share your projects in the social media with just a few clicks.

Additionally, Garageband allows you to jam with up to three people using Bluetooth or Wifi and then record your music.

6. FL Studio Mobile HD

Popular among desktop music producers, FL Studio Mobile is now available on the iPad. Nearly all the features present in the desktop version are also available in the iPad version. It includes features such as more than 130 instruments, loops, drum kits and drum pads, a built-in sampler and MIDI.

This application is ideal for creating music wherever you are. And if you already have the desktop version, you can easily export your projects to your desktop.

 Top 10 Terrific Music Producing Software For The iPad

5. Steinberg Cubasis

Steinberg Cubasis is an impressive music producing software that is packed with useful features such as unlimited number of MIDI and audio tracks with more than 280 loops, a virtual synthesizer, more than 85 Halion Sonic virtual instruments, virtual drum pads and keyboards, and a mixer containing over 12 effects processors.

Also, it has sample and key editors that make it easy for you to edit recorded music.

4. Blip Interactive NanoStudio

Blip Interactive NanoStudio is another popular music maker for the iPad. This app is designed for music sequencing, recording and creation.

Although it only has six built-in instruments, you can add up to 16 new instruments. One of its basic instruments is Eden which has 16 voice synths and the TRG-16 which is a triggering pad.

Editing is also made easier because it has a pattern sequencer where you can simply put your music together.

3. Korg iMS-20

Korg iMS-20 which costs more than $30 is the most expensive application on this list. It still deserves a spot in the top ten music producing software because of its great features.

Among its notable features are its MS-20 synth, analog sequencer with 16 steps, a drum machine with six pads, 14 effects, and a mixer with seven channels.

Once you are done making your music, Korg iMS-20 will also give you an option to export your work in SoundCloud.

2. Synth

Costing only $1, Synth is the cheapest application on the list. However, its features are comparable to its more expensive counterparts. It has more than 40 virtual instruments, a professional sampler with similar features as the Casio SK1, a pitch and blend tool, and many other cool features.

It is reported that this application was used by the Gorillaz in recording their album “The Fall.”

1. studio.HD

studio.HD allows you to record with a maximum of 24 tracks. Music editing and mixing are also easier because of its simple interface. With its built-in microphone, you can use this software to record vocals. You can also use its more than 600 free loops on all genres to make professional music.

Your Turn

Now that you have this list of terrific music producing software, you can already pick one and start making your music. Please comment if you have a favorite application among those listed here.

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