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July 30th, 2013
Top 10 Life-Saving Apps


Top 10 Life-Saving Apps

So, you’ve a smartphone and definitely wondering what else it can be used for other than just checking mails and downloading some exciting applications of your interests. Well, there’s definitely more to it! How about having an app that can save your life, just when you need it? Sounds unfamiliar, yet exciting! Let’s take a look at some Android and iOs apps designed to help you cope up with unwanted situations.

Top 10 Life-Saving AppsIM

1. First Aid Q & A

This apps is compatible with both iPad and iPhone. This app contains a block of question and answers that will help you improve your knowledge on different body parts.

2. Drops First Aid

This application is also compatible with iPhone and iPad both. It sports user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand guide for users. This app provides summaries on how to respond on immediate situations.

3. First Aid by American Red Cross

This application sports instructional guide and safety tips for every kind of potential dangers. You will find instructions to deal with situations ranging from volcanic eruptions to meningitis. The best part is this apps is integrated with 911 help, which means you can reach for help with just a click of a button on your device.

4. Oxford American Handbook

The Oxford American Handbook provides an overview on multispecialty concerns. This application features instant access to step by step guidance on most common clinic and wards conditions. The guiding steps are precise and prescriptive offering latest and advanced advice on medical diagnosis, common procedures, and after diagnosis care.

5. ERres – Emergency Medicine In The Palm Of Your Hand

It is an easy-to-navigate application that sports algorithms, clinical policies, drug lists and decision rules. The contents in this application are designed to provide best possible medical help to the users at the time of need.

6. WebMD

WebMD is designed to help you take important health related decisions by providing you health improvements guidance on almost all kind of medical problems. The service is 24/7 accessible and provides decision-support for symptom, drugs & treatments, information on first aid and local health listings.

7. ICE (In Case of Emergency)

This application is designed ad created with a view to provide emergency help to the users. The user is able to access the information on person he should deal with at the time of the emergency and the best part is all these tasks can be done with just a few clicks. Also, this application can be added to the lockscreen along with the widget locker.

8. Pocket First Aid & CPR

Whether you’re in your office or home, this application will help you get clear and concise set of instructions that you can use to take care of you and your loved ones. You can easily review first aid procedures whenever you want. This application also provides up-to-date emergency information from the American Heart Association.

9. Emergency Panic Button

This is a very interesting application. Whenever you find yourself in some trouble you can use this application to send alerts to your friends and closed ones for help. This app will notify your situation to your closed ones through sms/email message from your device.

10. Disaster Readiness

The Disaster Readiness app can be bought from iTunes store. It is one of the most essential applications that you must have in your handheld device. It provides you proper guidance on things that should be included in your disaster supplies kit.

Julie is a passionate blogger and loves writing about new smarphones apps. She works for St John Ambulance as a first aid trainer.