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Future Tech: 3 Innovations Destined To Change Smartphones Forever

Smartphone development is lightning fast. By the time a new model is released there is already a host of new features just waiting for the next leap forward. Below are three of the features that are about to change smartphones forever.

Future Tech: 3 Innovations Destined To Change Smartphones Forever


Graphene (and graphene-oxide) isn’t something with which most consumers are familiar. If you’re into technology, though, you know that this substance is incredibly important when it comes to consumer electronics. Graphene is as close to a miracle material as one could hope, giving smartphones of the future not only increased strength but the ability to work faster. Graphene is theoretically usable for everything from higher-capacity batteries to see-through components. Once this material starts to see wider use, it’s almost a given that smartphone manufacturers will be working very closely with companies like The Global Graphene Group. The material is already out there—it’s just a matter of time before it revolutionizes smartphones.

Bendable OLED Screens

OLED is another one of those technologies that are being rolled out frustratingly slowly, but that will absolutely change the way that smartphones are made. One of the real struggles in the current market is figuring out how to provide a screen that’s larger enough for media viewing but still small enough to fit in a pocket. OLED technology can solve this by allowing for bendable screens. Imagine being able to fold out a large screen when you want to watch a show and then being able to tuck it away when traveling, or being able to flip over a video screen for a presentation while keeping the controls on your side of the phone. It’s all possible thanks to OLED.

Augmented Reality

This is a type of technology that is widely available on smartphones today, but still one that’s got a lot of growing to do. While AR is largely used for games and a few minor social apps in the present, the future of augmented reality is boundless. True AR will allow users to point a camera almost anywhere and get all the information they need. Truly local internet searches will be seamless and allow users to get information without ever turning away from their cameras. While the technology is impressive in its current infant state, the future is far more exciting.

From more impressive materials to better software, the future is coming for smartphones. The device you have today will be hopelessly outdated in just a few years—and maybe that’s for the best. After all, there’s something exciting about being on the bleeding edge.