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Things You Don’t Know About Your Moto G 3rd Generation!

Being a content writer, I have to read more than I write. Unless and until I research a lot and study carefully in detail, I don’t begin with writing my article. This weekend I visited one of my friends and he told me how he is now a proud owner of Motorola 3rd Generation mobile, after having waited for almost a month to possess it. And there began his saga of telling me about the stunning features the phone holds! Don’t get me wrong! No doubt, the phone is among the best mid-range priced smartphone this year packed with powerful features but many people still have some misconceptions about its features. And some useful things they don’t know they can do with it. Here’s a list of them:

Water-resistant Phone and not Waterproof

There’s a big difference between water resistant and water proof. If a mobile is water resistant, it means it can survive a few splashes and accidental drops under water for some time. If a mobile is waterproof, it means withstand being under water for a long period of time. You should know that Motorola 3rd generation phone is water resistant to withstand immersion in up to 3 feet of fresh water for up to 30 minutes given if the back cover is properly sealed. The phone is not water proof.

Things You Don’t Know About Your Moto G 3rd Generation!

The Phone is Devoid of LED Notification Light

If you owned the previous generation phone, you would know that they possessed a LED notification light feature which helped you get a glimpse of your phone even from quite a distance due to the LED light notification feature in them. This feature was removed to increase the battery life of the phone however. So delight in the Flipkart coupons present on and make it yours today itself!

The Phone’s Camera can be Activated Rapidly

Now there comes a super good feature which is unknown to many. How many times it happen that something nice happens instantly which needs to be captured but before you can unlock your screen and open the camera, the moment is gone! Motorola G 3rd generation phone makes it super easy for you. The camera app can be activated rapidly through a twisting gesture even when your phone is locked. So the next time you have a beautiful moment to capture, just move your hands a bit and the app will get launched in no time.

The Phone’s Flashlight can also be Activated Hurriedly!

It gets real frightening when suddenly the light goes off while you are taking a walk somewhere and start to hear weird noises. Going through the process of unlocking your phone, swiping to bring forth the app and then tapping to activate is a long one. Just hold your phone in your hands firmly, shake it a bit and voila! The flashlight will get activated instantly. Shake your hands again holding it and it will turn off. Super easy, right? If the phone has tempted you enough, hop on to paytm coupons so that you become a proud owner of it too!

The Rear Camera is not a Replica of the Nexus 6

Speculations before the launch of this smartphone had that the new Moto G will use the same rear camera as that of in Nexus 6. This rumour got so big that now people assume it as an additional amazing feature. However the truth being that both the cameras are quite different.

Hope these pointers cleared some of your doubts!