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The Top 5 Dashcams For Your Car!

Ever been in an accident which was not your fault, but you could not prove it? Then you might want to use a dash cam for your car. There are a bunch of reasons to have a dash cam in your car. For instance, a Russian driver recently recorded an amazing video of a meteorite that passed overhead, or you may see some strange and cool things where you drive. Whether you want to document accidents more accurately or just create an art piece, a dash cam can come in really handy. Let us look at some of the best on the market today.

The DVR 027 720P

The Top 5 Dashcams For Your Car!

This is a dash cam that offers a lot of value or bang for the buck. It is extremely affordable and reliable, and has excellent picture quality. It is also a reliable little camera that has many people producing fakes, so be sure to buy from a reputable dealer. This camera uses the H.264 codec and records at 640×480, 848×480, 1280×720. With an excellent viewing angle of 120 degrees, you are sure to capture almost everything in front of you.

The GS 1000 Orange Menu

GS 1000 Orange Menu

Not only does this camera record excellent video, but it also provides GPS navigation as well. We place an emphasis on the orange menu GS 1000 since there are others made using a blue menu. However, these cameras that have the blue menu are of lower quality and should be avoided. The orange menu version also comes with a better A2S processor and newer firmware.

The Livue LB100 HD

Livue LB100 HD

The Livue LB100 HD is a compact camera that provides excellent video quality. Best of all, if you drive a lot at night, this camera take above average night video recordings. So, whether you are going to work in the morning or returning late at night, your video recordings will all be crystal clear. With so much recording possibilities, you will be thankful for the MicroSD card slot to use to store more video.

The LS300W


The LS300W or GT300W provides excellent night and day video recordings. Not only does this impress with its night recording capabilities using Wide Dynamic Range for low light recording, but it also features one of the highest bit rates on the market at 15 kpbs. Although the camera is quite compact, it does provide a 2.7” LCD display. This camera is affordable, provides excellent video quality and has a compact form factor which makes it hard to pass up.

Lukas LK-7900 Ace

Lukas LK-7900 Ace

The Lukas LK-7900 Ace not only offers excellent day and night video recording capabilities, but its manufacturer provides excellent support. It records at 1080p using 30 fps and a bit rate of 10,000 kbps. One incredible feature of this camera is its support of SDXC cards of up to 128GB. This provides almost 29 hours of recording capability before you will need to erase or replace the card for additional data.

With this selection of dash cams, you are sure to find something that is perfect for your budget and driving needs. It is recommended to check various video recording samples before purchasing a dash cam to ensure the quality is up to your standards.

As driving is part of my daily work routine I’ve felt obliged to install a dashcam to help me with any potentialy problematic situations. I often write about car related topics to make driving a better experience for all of us. You can read more on my website or Facebook profile.

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