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The Top 10 iPhone Apps Around

There are thousands of apps that are available at your fingertips, but obviously some are better than others and some are worth the price. These ten apps will enhance your smartphone experience.

The Top 10 iPhone Apps Around

1. Duet: This is for those who would like a dual-monitor setup. Download the app to your Mac and connect your iPhone or iPad with a lightning cable. Your tablet or iPhone can now be used as an addition to your computer. With this app, you have great resolution options to choose from and make the best of your workspace.

2. M&S: If you are looking for a cooking app to assist you with your daily meals, M&S includes various recipes from beginner to intermediate to expert. Search by time, ingredients or calories. This app even builds your shopping list with things you might need to prepare your next meal.

3. Vert: The converter app that you’ve been looking for. You no longer have to do the calculations yourself. Convert everything from fuel, currency exchanges and even density and pressure right from your iPhone.

4. Darkroom: This isn’t your usual photo-editing app. With Darkroom you get an array of filters and the ability to create your own filters, too. Once you’ve created one, it automatically saves the custom filter so you don’t need to recreate it for every photo.

5. Scanbot: This is a great alternative to scanning your documents. Simply take a picture of a document and the app goes right ahead and crops and trims it down for you. The document uploads to iCloud for your convenience and it’s then accessible from any of your Apple devices.

6. Keeply: If you have private photos or sensitive information on your phone, Keeply will keep these items secure and away from prying eyes. Access your sercret data using a pin code or TouchID.

7. Heyday: Becoming a blogger requires a lot of time and attention. With Heyday you can add text, photos, locations and audio and you can slowly create your own daily blog without all of the gruelling effort.

8. Flic: Before we get that perfect shot, we often end up taking a ton of poor shots first. With Flic you can weed out the bad ones without having to manually select them one by one.

9. Spareroom: If you are house or flat hunting, this app will give you advanced search options to assist you and it narrows down your search and makes finding that perfect place much easier.

10. Enlight: This app provides you with lots of filters and detailed controls for the perfect picture to post on social media. Choose black and white photos and even layer photos together.

For those who likes to get the most out of their iPhone, these apps are great ideas, practical and helpful for your everyday needs.

  • Aug 28, 2015
  • KadyK
  • Mobile