Aging Tech

The Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time For A Laptop Upgrade

The chances are when your computer decides to give up there won’t be a big explosion. It might even still function to some degree, but it won’t be providing the level of functionality you require. At some time in the future your computer will become obsolete.

Whether you’re computer is a plaything or used for work you need to be realistic. Hanging onto an old machine that drives you berserk isn’t doing anybody any favours and from a work perspective can affect your productivity. Don’t cling onto old equipment, be brave and make the decision to buy a new machine.

With so many techs available at the moment, you don’t even need to spend the earth to get a decent, working machine. Even if you are looking at buying a laptop under £300 for example, it’s still possible, especially if you are willing to go second hand for something with higher specifications.

The Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time For A Laptop Upgrade

Here are some tell-tale signs which indicate your computer really does need replacing.


If your computer is crawling along at a super slow pace then you’re definitely in need of a replacement. You can first take a look at your disc and CPU usage and if it has reached 80%+ then you need to start looking for something new. A slow computer equals less productivity and this can be bad for business.


If sorting out niggles and annoyances on your computer takes up more time than the tasks you’re trying to complete then you need to think about an upgrade. Think about how long you spend trying to fix errors on your computer and think how this time could be better employed.

Excess Noise

As your fan drive and hard drive age then they’ll become noisier. It’s a standard indicator that hardware failure is just around the corner and much like car, a computer only has so much mileage before they fall to pieces. If you can’t sort out an upgrade then make sure you back up all your files.

Out of Warranty

If your computer is out of warranty then this means the manufacturer no longer supports its hardware and software. If support isn’t available then getting your old machine repaired will be problematic and realistically you’ll have to be looking for a newer model. Most machines are out of warranty within three years.

No More Room

If new software you require exceeds the computer’s specifications then you need to look at a newer machine. Computers shouldn’t have memory of space crises and your long-term needs should be able to be managed by your machine. Unfortunately if it’s full up you can’t do anything about it – even if you buy an external hard drive and transfer all your files you’ll probably find your computer still goes slowly.

The Big One

This is an unequivocal sign your days are numbered. If the system crashes and you can’t reboot you really do need to say goodbye to your old machine. Replacing operating systems and applications takes time and in many instances when you’re working with an older model you won’t be able to find the replacements you need.

It can be hard accepting your faithful machine has served its term but they’re not built to last forever and you’ll be happier with a fast and effective replacement.