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The Role of Mobile Technology in Boosting the Sales Volume

  • May 8, 2013
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The Role of Mobile Technology in Boosting the Sales VolumeThe rising omnipresence of Wi-Fi hotspots along with next generation cellular networkshas made countless people dependent on real-time access to information systems such as e-mails, sites, notes, and calendars. This trend finally gave rise to an innovative marketing strategy of mobile salesforce automation for increasing the sales by leaps and bounds. So, you can several sales force workers with mobile gadgets such as tablets and iPads on construction sites, in retail stores, and other places of business. Such mobility offers the essential tools to these workers for making order entries, creating business intelligence reports, and track delivery. Moreover, such automation of sale tasksdiscards redundancy, ensures consistency, and increases accuracy without carrying any kind of paper records.


At different business locations such as offices and factories, mobile workers also known as corridor warriors are spotted with wireless handheld devices for facilitating real-time communications and access to information. This has redefined the way in which the business can conduct its operations. In reality, such a mobile technology helps raise the standards of both the workers and business operations.

When Mobile Sales Automation was Introduced…


The former applications made for mobile sales automation used to cater to the fundamental needs of outdoor workers such as access to calendars and e-mails. Despite this excellent ability of these apps, more features were expected as the portfolio of business needs hadbegun to expand. A few obstacles were witnessed due to which a company had to adjust with the pace of transforming the mobile force. These obstacles were unnecessary investment of resources in uninterested prospects, leaving behind the best ones and inability to satisfy the customers due to lack of access to information, sometimes. As a result, the automation process saw a new transformation with its expansion.

When Mobile Sales Automation Opened Up New Doors of Prospects…


The latest progress in the wired as well as wireless Internet solutions has incited swift growth of mobile sales personnel population in the recent years. There has also been an increase in the related apps that come with more features as well as functionalities for managing mobile users effectively. Let’s take a look at them!


  • Sole console for defining, deploying, controlling, and maintaining application tasks on all mobile networks, devices, and security protocols. You can even have a Web-based console that can be operated from any ordinary browser for remote management fromseveral devices.
  • Dashboard that acts as a comprehensive summary interface for managing information on users, processes, performance, and devices.
  • An effective way for distributing network resources such as bandwidth as per the predetermined business policies. One can now define users as individuals and groups for assigning specific management capabilities with the flexibility to make changes later.
  • Flexibility to function with several apps and data requirements for facilitating consistency through additions and customizations.
  • Ability to interface with a predefined directory structure as well as policies, thus, eliminating the need to have a duplicate or stand-alone directory.
  • Security components that come with a minimum set of features as well as functionalities. You can even use or add them to other security tools.
  • Backend management that can be integratedeasily as well as effectively with other similar tools that are already in use by the firm. The best part is that there is no need to retrain the current personnel while integrating.
  • Support for various platforms and networks that differ in terms of operating system, connection, and interoperability.
  • Support for scalability, which means managing an increasing number of users with several network connections as well as devices.


In this way, mobile sales automation apps have increased the ease as well as efficiency of work for salesmen.


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