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The Revolutionary Release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The Facts and Rumors

  • Nov 27, 2013
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One surprise after another is what Samsung has chosen to give to the consumers. Samsung releases a series of phablets every now and then, adding new specs every time. The consumers love it; they spend money on every release done- they even speculate and make rumors before any release is done.

It is easy to understand why a consumer will be excited about news phablets by Samsung.  The consumer is treated to a device that meets their demands.  The releases of Samsung galaxy note 1, Note 2, And Note 3 were embraced warmly, every time people receiving what they have asked for.

The name phablet is coined from the Samsung’s innovative combination of Smartphone features and that of a tablet. The Smartphone has a large screen and the tablet has a stylus technology. A combination of these features is what makes these phablets just amazing.

A lot of research and development is done by the South Korean company, Samsung electronics, before any galaxy note is released into the market. There are also a lot of tests for quality done before any Galaxy Note is released into the market.

The latest release, Galaxy Note 3 seemed too good to be true. The specs were simply out of this world; simply the best that there is in the market today. This phablet sent shivers down the spines of the competitors, leaving them wondering whether they could match up to the standards.  The consumers on the other hand had a different story to speak- a story of the supply meeting the demand and offering even more.

The Revolutionary Release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The Facts and Rumors

Rumors about Galaxy Note 4 Spreading Like Bush Fire

While the world thought Samsung was done innovation- after the release of Galaxy Note 3, Samsung was making other plans. These plans include the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Surprising? Yes everyone was surprised to hear of such a move.

 It was then that the rumors and speculations of the upcoming phablet begun; and they have not stopped- people are still talking! People love change, and they speculate based on the changes that they want to see in the next Galaxy Note.

Even when the information about the release of a new Smartphone is hidden, somehow people have a way to know about the details. How they do this, no one would really know. As such, the next Galaxy Note 4 will feature speculations that are already known in the market today. At least, people have been able to differentiate between the rumors and the facts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have the following specs:

  • 16 MP Camera With A Super Sensor

The consumer today has been heard demanding for a device that has a super camera. People who love to take images- most of us do, have cried for so long for a good camera featured on the Smartphone. Probably this has fallen on deaf years, or probably the competitors did just do their research well. Some devices have featured a good camera, but really not the best that there can be!

The good news is that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has made promises to feature a camera that will enable every consumer to take incredible images. Firstly, the camera will be eight times brighter than the camera used features in Galaxy Note 3. This amazing camera can take images even in conditions that are rather poorly lit.

The anti-shake feature will allow you to take pictures in those dim areas you always wanted to. The snapshots will be so incredible to the extent that your friends will think you used a tripod. Is this not impressive?

If you buy the next Note, Galaxy Note 4, you may well do away with your digital camera. Why so? Your digital camera can only fix errors up to 0.7 0; this amazing upcoming phablet will can fix errors of up to 1.50. Well, this is surely an impressive move, and people who love to take images anywhere and everywhere will find Galaxy Note 4 irresistible

  • Wireless Charging

Many people have always loved to charge their Smartphone without necessarily connecting their device to the power source. Some phone companies kept failing to meet such demand, probably because they did not give too much a thought on the best technology on the same. However, things are about to take a different twist; Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will feature the much awaited wireless charging

The Korean based Samsung tech giant has been said to work tirelessly to ensure that a magnetic resonance charging technology works, allowing the consumer to have wireless charging.  Magnetic resonance is a kind of technology that allows you to charge a phone or any other device from a long distance.

The consumers have never liked the kind of wireless charging that other competitors such as Nokia have offered. The technology that has been used before is cumbersome, forcing them to use other some charging pads, and only do it within limited distance. Magnetic technology on the other hand is just different, and this is what makes Samsung Galaxy Note 4 really different.

Magnetic resonance is revolutionary, and people expect that they will be charging their phablets while the phone is still in the pocket. Samsung also hopes that they can use the technology on their other devices and electronics. This is a great change, profiting Samsung and thrilling consumers in every way.

  • 4 GB RAM

For people who love uploading games, videos or music, there is always an outcry for better storage in their Smartphone. Samsung understands this fact very well, and will feature a 4GB RAM. This way, everyone can multitask with their phablet without necessarily being worried about the storage capacity.

It has been rumored that some of the reasons why Samsung wants to come up with the amazing Galaxy Note 4 is because they want to give gamers an ultimate experience. If this fact holds true, it is easy to understand why such kind of a RAM must be featured on the device. The gamers will go blazing with games that come with high graphics- many of them have been yearning for such!

  • 32 And 64 GB Internal Memory

Samsung may release two phablets with different internal memory capacities. One will have a 32 GB memory while the other will have a 64 GB. The gamers will obviously go for the later one. However, in either of the cases, the memory is sufficient for multitasking!

  • Full HD Screen

Samsung is known to feature a high definition screens most of their devices. It therefore beats logic that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will also have a similar spec. In many cases, people go for Samsung devices because of such a screen – it is appealing. The full HD screen will have 1080 ×1920 pixels

The Samsung phablet lovers can only sit and hope that the manufactures will consider increasing the size of the phone. The sharpness of a screen will always go hand in hand with increase in size. As such, there is no point of Samsung increasing the resolution without necessary increasing the size. On this, the consumers are crossing their fingers hoping that their echoes will be heard.

  • Super fast processor

Multitasking and high storage capacities in a Smartphone go hand in hand with an excellent processor.  Samsung is said to take these facts into consideration, and will feature an octa-processor in the up coming Galaxy Note 4

  • Battery

A full HD screen with a super processor and a 4GB RAM Smartphone will definitely lead to higher power consumption. You could be enjoying this amazing game or video using your phablet, and all of a sudden your phone goes off! Reason? The battery is slow.

How will Samsung deal with the problem of battery capacities while releasing their next phablet? Well, Samsung will feature a 3500mAH battery, which will ensure that at least you can take quite a while before your phablet goes off!

  • Operating System and Graphics

Just like Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it is possible that Samsung will feature the android 4.4 Kit Kat or Android 5.0. Further, the graphics featured will be Andreno 330.

  • Other features

Other features in Galaxy Note 4 include an S pen stylus, and attractive leather cover. Further, the connectivity will feature Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, NFC, 3G and GPRS.

The Revolutionary Release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The Facts and Rumors

Wild Speculations

People have been making all sorts of imaginations of how the next phablet will look like. Some of the imaginations look too good to be true. Yet, we cannot completely dismiss them. This is primarily because Samsung is always full of surprises, and you would never know when they will offer the consumer what they are searching for.

People speculate that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be water proof and dust free. The need to have to worry less while travelling or showering about your expensive Smartphone may have led to such a speculation. Yet, the quest is there, and Samsung may well surprise us with a device such as this one!

People have also been heard talking about the size, hoping that at least Galaxy Note 4 will come with 5.9 inches phablet. The Galaxy Note 3 was expected to be bigger in size, but was only increased a little, 0.2 inches that never thrilled the eager users

The consumer market has been looking forward to the day they will receive a phablet with a flexible display. Will they be rewarded with the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Well, this is the hope, though there is no certainty on the same- Probably, it could be classified as a wish!

Prior to the release of the Note 3, people speculated that Samsung was going to unveil a phablet with a metallic hardware. The iPhone 5C, having been made of plastic was cheaper, yet had given Samsung a reason to worry because of its warm reception. People thought that Samsung would react to such competition needs by releasing a metallic phablet. But this did not come to pass, since apparently, Galaxy Note 3 was made of plastic.

People say, where there is smoke there is fire! Smoke was seen by rumors that Galaxy Note 3 would be metallic. But could we then wait to see the fire by the release of the next Galaxy Note? Well, we can only but wait, hoping that Samsung has heard the sentiments and the echoes of the consumer.

The Price

When Samsung releases such a great device as Samsung Galaxy Note 4, people wonder if they can afford it. The rumors went around that Galaxy Note 3 would empty people‘s pocket, yet that never happened. The consumers have been able to afford buying Note 3, and so shall it be for Note 4.

The official price for Galaxy Note 4 has not been known yet. However, rumors has it that it will be going for the same price as did the Galaxy Note 3. The manufacturer cannot afford to raise the price beyond what the consumer can afford; because of the stiff completion that it faces in the Smartphone market. It is speculated that the phablet will not cross 880 dollars barrier.

The Release Date

The much awaited surprise from Samsung, Galaxy Note 4, will be available for sale from August to September, 2014. It is however possible that Samsung may be flexible about their release date, considering factors such as dates it has set to release other devices such as Galaxy S5

 The decision on when to release Samsung galaxy note could also be informed by the release dates of other devices from the competitors. Therefore, though we are sure that release date of the next phablet is going to be in the year 2014, we can not for sure pinpoint at a specific date

The Much Awaited Revolution

The king of phablet is Samsung, and every year the consumers have something to smile about. One release after another, people get excited, but at the same time look the tech giant could do forward to what else. This is why people cannot wait for the release of the next phablet

The release of Galaxy Note 4 will help put to an end the rumors and speculations. However, there is some level of an assurance that the Korean based manufacturer is about to bring the much-awaited revolution in the phone market.

  • Nov 27, 2013
  • Subash
  • Mobile