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The newest iOS 7 – Best for the Gadgets

Apple has been able to hold onto its position as one of the best gadget makers of the world, till date. Almost every time, Apple has introduced new iPhone or a new iOS device, it has been a success. So, with It’s new iOS 7 too, Apple has already started to taste success and popularity.

With more than hundreds of the Apple devices upgrading to the new iOS 7, this perhaps is going to be the most unusual event in world of technology. The new iOS came just in time, when a refreshment was badly needed.


The best known features of the iOS 7 are:

  1. Control Center – Ultimately, the Control Center is here. Although, controlling the Wifi, the clock, the torch, the airplane mode, had been easy with the swipe modes, now it has got even better. Now, with the Control Center you can do even more than before, like controlling the screen brightness and more.

     2.  Multitasking – With the multitasking factor, you actually get to multitask or rather the Apple gadgets get to multitask even if the applications are open in the background updates. With this factor, you get to switch between applications more easily than before.

   3.  Camera and Photos – WIth the updated version of camera and photo, you can go on to shoot as per the frame requirement, So, from now on, you would no more be required to crop the photo at a later date. There also are photo filters and you can shoot at “10 frames per second burst mode and 120 fps video”. So, with this new feature, you can have an endless number of photos. Furthermore, the photos are clubbed together of their own, based on Moments and Collections. This feature is strong enough to find out where you got the images from. It makes use of the geo tagging system to club together all of the images. You would simply be required to do nothing. Therefore, if you have a strong liking for clicking images, this feature is going to prove to be immensely helpful and beneficial for you.

    4.  Airdrop – With the Airdrop technology, you would no more be required to use any other applications or Whatsapp for sharing files with your friends or others. This helps you share all of your files with all kinds of iOS 7 devices through a peer-to-peer Wifi technology. Furthermore, you can share the files with multiple people at the same time.

However, the above features are not all as there are almost 200 other features of the new iOS.