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The Best Android Mobile Apps Of 2013

Every year since the birth of the Android Operating System, the official marketplace for the Operating System, which is known as the Google Play Store, releases thousands and thousands of applications which include games, books, readers, utility applications and many more. All of these applications are created by different developers from around the world. Some of these apps are created by the “top developers” in the Google Play Store. There are thousands of developers who provide the Google Play Store and its customers with a piece of their mind in the form of a unique Android application. All of these applications are what make up the Google Play Store and entertain Android users and also come to their aid in many cases.

The Best Android Mobile Apps Of 2013

There are some applications that are better than others. These applications are considered to be the best and as one year comes to an end, most Android users like to know what are the best Android applications of the current year. Well, here are some of the best Android mobile apps of 2013:

  • Google Maps-
  • Even though most people might think of Google Maps to be an ordinary navigation application which is nothing more than a utility app, there is ratings and Play Store rankings that say otherwise. According to application ratings, user reviews, Play Store rankings and the opinion of most Android users, Google Maps is without a doubt the best Android app of 2013. Are you wondering why that is so? Well, that is simply because Google Maps is probably the most useful and handy app to have ever surfaced the Google Play Store, and not to mention the fact that the application downloads for Google Maps are out of this world.

  • Asphalt 7-
  • Being the best paid racing-based game in the entire Play Store and the best of the Asphalt series, Asphalt 7 offers visual prowess and graphical goodness combined with probably the widest mobile compatibility palette and arguably the best racing game-play of 2013.

  • Google Now-
  • When we talk about Android and your average Android application, Google Now is an extremely hot topic. For the people who own Android Smartphones with Android 4.1 or higher, Google Now is a system application that has all the information that a person needs and also has the ability to provide the person with the right information at the right time.

  • Google Chrome-
  • According to most people and statistics, Google Chrome is the best Android browser to have surfaced the Google Play Store in the year 2013. Not only does Google Chrome offer a fast and in most cases lag proof experience, it also comes with all the tools that the average internet surfer might require.

  • Flipboard-
  • Android has always had good and intelligent news readers. However, since the introduction of Flipboard for Android, the leading mobile Operating System has acquired a news reader that is both intelligent and good. Flipboard provides advanced functionality and filtering, enabling a person to receive only those news articles and news posts which they want to receive.

  • Swiftkey Keyboard-
  • If you own an Android device with Android 4.0 or higher, you probably love your keyboard. However, that is not the case with people who do not have the luxury of updating their devices to Android 4.0 or higher. They have to bear the default system keyboard because there are no good keyboards in the Play Store. However, that is not the case anymore thanks to the Swiftkey Beta keyboard. Swiftkey keyboard provides its users with the ability to choose their own custom keyboard and not to mention the ability to simply type words using swipe gestures instead of clicking each key individually.

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