Aging Tech

The Basics of Building an Advanced Personal Vaporizer

Mainstream media and Big Tobacco may have a bone to pick with electronic cigarettes, but, after all is said and done, there is no denying the financial and technological upper hand they hold over regular cigarettes. E-cigs, which can be used with or without nicotine, are rechargeable and are battery-powered—and what’s more, to those who are tech-savvy enough, they can provide an entirely personalized vaping experience. As many pro vapers can tell you, these days you can either buy a mid-sized or mini e cigarette online, or you can build your own, out of various parts, in order to have the final device perform functions that regular, store-bought e-cigs cannot.

APVs 101

Modded electronic cigarettes are called advanced personal(ized) vaporizers, or simply mods. They are larger than regular e-cigs and can be either box-shaped or tubular. They are utilized either mechanically or electrically, or even electronically. They tend to be bigger than the average cigar and their batteries are significantly larger than those of normal electronic cigarettes. Most of them are equipped with store-bought lithium ion batteries, which employ 3.7 volts and can be purchased from just about any hardware store. Most of them are tubes with a wide diameter, which look much like a miniature flashlight and also come with a mouthpiece. The box-shaped ones also include mouthpieces and they resemble a regular pack of cigarettes in shape and size.

Advantages over regular e-cigs

Not only will APVs last longer, owing to their superior batteries, but they can also modified to perform several special functions. We have seen both tube- and box-mods that come with a digital display, entirely encased in metal, or with digital e-liquid feeds. Other modders prefer to build APVs in sleek, elegant wood. However, the main upside on these devices is they can last for up to eight full hours in use and provide sufficient performance prowess to suit any vaper, no matter how heavy-duty.

Disadvantages over regular e-cigs

The problem with mods is that they tend to run on the more expensive side, since each constitutive element needs to be acquired separately. Most users who prefer them will swap components on online forums, in order to avoid buying full e-cig kits that they end up not using. Also, they are bulky in size, which makes the experience of vaping with them less similar to that of regular tobacco cigarettes. Lastly, since they employ lithium ion cell chargeable batteries or accumulators, they will require the proper maintenance that such batteries deserve.