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Taking Good Advice To Protect Your Mobile Phone

We all know how annoying it is to lose or have your mobile phone stolen. Some iPhones and Smart phones are worth a fair bit so its no joke.

Apart from the stress caused by time without your tool of choice to stay in contact with the world, you could be really concerned if A.N.Other starts using you phone and making calls. So on top of being without your phone, you have the added stress of miss use of your beloved phone. Huge bills can easily occur when thieves call abroad and stay chatting for hours on premium numbers or over-use your web allowance. And you could be liable to pick up the bill!

Taking Good Advice To Protect Your Mobile Phone

Take Some Advice

It’s certainly not uncommon for thieves to use the phones they take in this way and leave the owner to pick up the tab. We’ve checked out what advice Consumer Ofcom can offer in the case of theft of a mobile phone.

There are two things that should be done immediately if this happens:

  • Check the terms and conditions on the contract or with the service provider
  • Report  the mobile phone stolen or lost to your provider and the police

There are some other precautions that can be taken prior to loss or theft. Everyone should take these precautionary measures:

  • Treat your mobile phone with same care you would your Debit card
  • Use a passcode for the handset and a different one to access the SIM – this makes it more difficult for thieves to gain access
  • Never loan it to anyone else; if someone does need to use your phone make sure they do it while you are there
  • Keep a note of the make and model of the phone and its IMEI number (a unique 15 digit serial number); your service provider will need this number to block your phone if it gets stolen
  • To access this number key *#06# into your phone or check behind your phone battery
  • Keep this number somewhere safe!
  • You could further safeguard calls to Premium Rate numbers and overseas by putting a block on them. This will limit what and where thieves can call and hopefully keep the cost of unwanted calls down in these circumstances
  • It may even deter them from hanging onto your phone and running up huge charges which you are responsible for
  • Some mobile phone insurance policies cover you for unauthorised use
  • Consider downloading an App which can trace your phone if it is either lost or taken illegally; it can also wipe information from your phone remotely
  • Register your mobile phone with Immobilise. Here your details can be listed for identification in cases like this
  • Talk to the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit for advice too

Get Good Mobile Phone Insurance

This is when mobile phone insurance comes into its own.  Make sure your policy covers you for these circumstances and contact the insurers.  Be sure to let them know within their stipulated time frame or you could miss out.

By Rob Rudd

Rob Rudd writes with a love of gadgetry and technology. He’d be lost without his smart phone to monitor his cycle rides or take photos of the sunset. Oh – and making the occasional phone call too.

  • Jul 23, 2013
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