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Sorority Life for Facebook – Tips to Get More Sisters

  • Jun 14, 2018
  • Jelena D
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In order for you to succeed in Sorority Life for Facebook, you must have as many sisters in your house as possible. The problem is that many of your Facebook friends do not want to play the application and that can lead to a complete halt in your sorority house.

The more sisters that you have in Sorority Life the better you will be at fighting and you will be able to level up faster. When fighting rival sororities in Sorority Life one of the only ways to defend yourself is to have many sisters. You should always have at least 5x your level in sisters. For example, if you are level 6 you should have at least 30 sisters. If you do not have enough sisters and you are attacked you can lose a lot of money. The only way to avoid your money being taken is to visit the bank every hour.

Sorority Life Forum

One tip to Sorority Life that is an easier way to get more sisters is to visit Sorority Life’s forum. Once in Sorority Life, there is a question mark tab in the right-hand corner. Once you click on the question mark there will be a link titled Sorority Life Forums. This will take you to a list of sub-forums and all you have to do is enter add me/ join my sorority and tell other sisters to add you. You are guaranteed to have many more sorority sisters. The only way you can add then is to add them as friends to Facebook. The downside to this is that they will be able to see your profile and your personal information. A quick fix to this is to set up a friend group in the friends’ sections of Facebook. Label your new friend group Sorority Life and you can make a few adjustments to this before you add them to your Facebook. You can adjust the settings so that they can not see your photos, your updates, school work or any other personal information. When your friend requests begin to pour in, make sure you add them to the Sorority Life friend section you created.

Brownie Points

In Sorority Life you earn brownie points from the house mom for doing different things, such as leveling up, saving a certain amount of money in the bank, and increasing your house size. In turn, you can use your brownie points to purchase boarders from the house mom. For 20 brownie points, you can purchase one boarder in Sorority Life. Although, this may take awhile boarders can be very useful. You can only add up to 500 sisters to your house, but borders can be counted beyond the 500 limit. For example, if you have 5 borders and 500 sisters you will have a total of 505 sisters in your house.

I guarantee these two ways will enable you to get more sisters for your house in Sorority Life.