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Smart Techy Solutions For A Truly Contemporary Office

It doesn’t matter whether you run a small business or a big international corporation, you need at least one office in order to call yourself a businessman. Small business entrepreneurs usually run their enterprises from cozy home offices, while big business CEOs rather choose big executive offices with leather chairs and a nice view.  

It doesn’t matter how big your business is, if you want it to succeed, you’ll need to make yourself productive and use every second of your work time. In order to do that, you’ll need to equip your office safe haven with the latest tech.

Buying office tech can turn into a huge drag. The tech market is very competitive, and that’s why each laptop or printer model update comes with long list of new features. Since successful entrepreneurs don’t have enough time to closely follow the latest tech trends, we decided to list some of the most practical ways for you contemporize your office.

Smart Techy Solutions For A Truly Contemporary Office

Attach a Big Screen TV to your Office Wall

Every office should have at least one big screen. You can choose between big screen TV and a projector with a big canvas screen. Big screen TV is a much better option, according to Sydney-based TV wall mounting experts. It is much easier to install, because projector installation sometimes requires bigger interior layout changes. On top of all this, you can use TV as a monitor and display all of your daily computer tasks in full HD. Office projectors are mainly used for presentations, but I guess your employees and partners won’t mind seeing ascending graph lines on a 65 inch screen.

Make your Office Wireless

Fortunately, we are finally approaching the time when cables will become completely obsolete. Modern offices only require one or a few power cables. Wireless channels can be used for all other business processes. This is the most basic tech set, for a cable free office that will enable you to make calls, access internet and your office network and print documents:

  1. Wireless router;
  2. Mobile phone;
  3. Laptop;
  4. Bluetooth headset;
  5. Multifunction wireless printer;

Upload All of your Documents to a Cloud Server

Cloud technology is not a piece of fancy hardware that will make your office look more modern, but it can drastically increase your productivity and make document transfers easier and safer. Until recently, businesspeople were exchanging documents with USB flash drives. Although we all fell in love with these small and affordable digital storages, they were one of the most common sources of malware on business computers. Now, when cloud technology became widespread, we can upload all of our business documents on cloud servers and continue to use our cute customized USB flash as a key chain.

Smart Techy Solutions For A Truly Contemporary Office

Use Amazon Echo as your Business Assistant

Amazon Echo looks like a simple wireless speaker, but this tube-shaped device can do much, much more. It can serve as a perfect business assistant, who reads news and audiobooks and reports traffic and weather conditions and stock exchange quotes. Amazon Echo’s computer is compatible with long list of apps and smart devices. If combined with smart platforms like Samsung SmartThings, Phillips Hue and WeMo, it can control the lighting and air-conditioning in your office. It can also connect you with apps like Uber or Domino’s. Oh yeah, and it plays music too, from services like: Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio.

If you meet your business partners in an office with old square monitor and a corded telephone (some people even add typewriters to this mix), they’ll think twice before they start doing business with you. Your office should add up to your business reputation, because modern office, equipped with the latest tech is one of the key status symbols of every successful businessperson.