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Simple Steps to Basic SEO for Your Blog

  • Jun 21, 2013
  • Jane Davies
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  • Web Development

It is difficult to say that for blogger SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is equally too important as his blog. No matter how intelligent you are but if you don’t pay enough attention on search Engine Optimization than its 100% sure that your blog is going to fail It is sad but true. If you think that you can attract the reader only by writing unique content and not paying attention to SEO than you yourself ending your blog. Without SEO nobody can see your article and nobody will hear that you have some blog page.


1. Regular Posting

Everyone have different thinking level some bloggers would come up with regular posting while some will find time to come with regular content. To get a regular content you must set your scheduled which could help you in getting content regularly

At least in a week you must post content 2 to 3 on your blog so the reader can visit to age or if you are bust than do only one but be sure that your posting day must be aware by the reader and on that only they can expect your new content. Always make different department for different posts

2. Connect Link to Other Sites

For improving your age ranking one tip I want to give you that is link other high quality sites in your blog in which return it links back to your blog only. It does not only increase age ranking but it helps in improvement in the content which can provide with various content to your reader.

For good SEO strategy to build link is essential. and it can t be happen in overnight it requires time and patience for building link on the blog. I recommend you to try tool name is word tracker which will provide you all the required information regarding building high quality and useful links.

3. Share

For SEO Social media is too important, it helps your readers to view and share their content via social networking media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social media lays an important role for getting your blog content as much exposure as possible to the public. If you are thinking that there is problem regarding SEO you are finding it too difficult than you can hire for professional SEO company.

The main goal in doing such advertisement is to optimize the blog so that it can attract the new visitor or reader to read the blog and make so much attractive so if once visitor comes it can never goes back

4. Use Images but in Limited Manner

Foremost your blog is based on pictures and images without it you cannot attract the reader. In blog Content is not only important but images too.  It too take part in blog. By sticking images is not important but your images must be related to article or posts. It not only attracts the reader but it makes the blog more virtually, these things make your blog optimized. Don’t use too many images in the blog which can results into takes longer time to load which is not good for optimizations