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Shared Hosting with VPS Hosting

Shared hosting and VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) have become two of the most popular solutions for hosting a website. In this article we look at the different features that present these solutions to web hosting and make a comparison to facilitate the choice of package necessary for the needs of the website.

These two types of hosting a server shared among several users, offering different levels of separation depending on the type of plan. These solutions are much cheaper than having a dedicated server.

What kind of sites can be hosted on shared hosting?

Most websites medium or small can be accommodated in shared hosting. Usually almost all news sites, blogs or forums are generally housed in shared hosting packages. Also host websites usually created from a creator of websites or WordPress sites.

This type of hosting packages does not offer the ability to be scalable, so that by choosing this type of packages must be aware of the limits. WebNet Hosting Plans are unlimited hosting websites allow no set limits on disk space or data transfer. Such packages usually very interesting as it allows you to host a website for middle and low requirements without having to worry about the immediate future growth if.

What kind of sites can be hosted on a VPS hosting?

The websites of medium or small size may require more resources in the future, requiring the ability to install certain programs and resources have hired, usually opt for VPS hosting solutions.

For users who want to act as a reseller or those who require special configurations of the server, VPS hosting packages are a good choice, much cheaper than hiring a dedicated server. In VPS hosting plans for US are charged hosting unlimited websites managed by Plesk Control Panel and Plesk Power Panel.

The VPS hosting plans are above shared hosting plans.

Feature Comparison

  • Hosting Resources

Shared Hosting

All resources are shared with other users within limits. It offers basic levels of system files and processes partitioning.

VPS Hosting

The resources of RAM and hard disk are not shared with other users, but they are unique. Offer advanced virtualization also place strict limits controlled to ensure that the activity of a user does not interfere with other users.

  • Security

Shared Hosting

You cannot get a full backup because more than one user can upload or download files on the same operating system, so there is a risk that malicious users can exploit operating system vulnerabilities.

VPS Hosting

They are much safer than shared hosting plans, as it runs in a virtual environment, with separate file systems.

  • Scalability

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting accounts coexist on the same hardware with many other accounts in different locations, so it is not scalable.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting plans are scalable, so you can opt for the most basic plan needs requiring websites or staying. It is a very good choice for sites with rapid growth.

What kind of hosting to choose?

We should pick a VPS hosting account if you need the ability to customize the software installed on the operating system, if required strong security, a greater capacity for performance management or managing available resources.

If instead we have a simple website, or that does not require software customization or high levels of security, a good choice is unlimited shared hosting plans from Hosting by Managed Dedicated Servers, where you can also have unique IP and install SSL certificates for have a website with secure transactions.

In short, if you are thinking of hosting your website medium or small hosting plans can be your solution. Whether it’s unlimited shared hosting plans such as VPS hosting plans in WebNet Hosting find good prices and attention.