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Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Performance & Expectations

The mid range series of Samsung Galaxy Tab series is always loved by people because of its price and enough performance to handle everything that you need to do with a Android tablet but don’t expect powerful gaming experience. And now it is turn of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 to appear in the market. And the new launching tab would be similar in many aspects to the Samsung’s recent successful tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Performance & Expectations

In the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 inches, Samsung incorporates in its latest tablet battery 7900 mAh (Li-ion), enough to move the monster of 10 inch to the next level. The tablet is designed to consume videos and with this battery there are no problem, tests performed in the laboratory of androids make clear one thing, the battery performance is a good combination, you can be assured if we have a full charge can last well (with good use) a good whole week. In addition, the burden is fast and within hours we again have a high quality tablet to a full charge. And if Samsung manages to get even the 7000 mAh battery in the Galaxy Tab 5 10.5 inches model then of course you can expect better backup as it would carry the low performance processor as compare to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S processor.

With the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet and its smaller sister, Samsung wanted to make clear that arrived with a mission like the Galaxy Tab Pro family came to work outside the home and at home, they arrive to consume media and information and with it Samsung gives an application package to taste top down everything that gives us this tablet. And on other hand as we stated the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 to be the mid-range tablet, but still you would able to consume enough power in the Galaxy Tab 5 at your home and at your work.

With this Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 manufacturer will open a new world, a world of truth will be “Premium in mid-price”, the basic question that everyone should do And it would affect the prices of other rival tablets in the market? On other hand, The Samsung Galaxy Tab S reaches 509 euros in official sites probably already walks cheapest at Amazon or other websites and the latest Samsung technologies such as fingerprint reader on the main button, a quality that really is noticeable only when holding the tablet, and a stunning screen, above any tablet of Samsung and other manufacturer to date. So, imagine that what would happen if Samsung would give it all in the Galaxy Tab 5 on little scale, considering not the best processor, not the best resolution display, not the best battery. Everything packed in mid-range compact body with little metal that would shine easily in the market with its ease or work and performance. So, be ready for the next launch of Samsung.