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Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7: The End Of Galaxy S5 Rule

Last year in the Feb, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S5 which was one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, which has not had the expected impact, as has happened to their predecessors. Part of the problem is due to the same design that is very similar to that found in Galaxy S4, differing only in the rear with a leather finish that follows the same line as the Galaxy Note 3 released this same thing last year. But now, Samsung is launching the Galaxy S6 and later the Galaxy S7, so the market rule of the Galaxy S5 is about to end now. So, expect a price drop in the Galaxy S5 price tag very soon.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 The End Of Galaxy S5 Rule

Last year, it was observed that Samsung Galaxy S5 tried to make a special emphasis on the camera with a good display of photos instance without forgetting the key features of the S5, the performance offered by the phone in relation to software, battery or multimedia, and other different aspects such as multitasking, benchmarks, videos, games, audio and various applications such as S Health, who want the S5 contribute a little more to what our health and fitness. And this all worked pretty well but didn’t convince much. But Samsung is on its path and going to launch the Galaxy S7 this year but before that Samsung Galaxy S6 would come.

The display, camera, S Health, heart rate sensor, fingerprint sensor and power save mode are the key points of the Galaxy S series. And in the new upcoming phones, both the screen and the camera will carry you to an experience of great use while the screen, known by all, will allow you to enjoy all the multimedia elements such as video games, movies, videos Youtube or series at its best, and, on the other side of the camera, with selective focus and a little skill, you provide the opportunity to make great pictures. But the exact camera sensor for the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not yet revealed, although the rumours are in favour of 16MP camera in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

In all the lineup models of Galaxy S, the display is the first thing that stands out when you kindle for the first time the last Galaxy S5, its vivid colours and angles magnificent view. As always, this Super AMOLED screen, it will not be to the liking of all users, but generally is one of the best screens that can be seen now on a phone. And Samsung Galaxy Note 4 played the same role in the display. And now its time for more resolution and efficiency so expecting bigger resolution display in S6 then we won’t be wrong as it is also leaked that it may support 2K resolution and on other hand, Samsung Galaxy S7 would definitely have the 4K resolution display.