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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Sensational Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is doing really great in the market but it still suffered from the deficiency of content and the apps. The reason behind the success is its new concept but still price is forcing people not to choose this verdict. And no doubt, it is one of the top most sensational smartphone of 2014.

The special display of Galaxy Note Edge serves two separate areas within a single curbed display on the right whereas; the Edge portion has more functions. As we have seen, with the app open chamber, it becomes the area where the buttons shutter are located, which is not bad but it’s not big news because it has less clarity outdoors than normal screen, and could not visualize what to press while light. Samsung also promises other panels between which we create side-scrolling (like we alerts to access apps, for example) and trending topics on Twitter, sports scores and weather forecast and other curious features like countdown, stopwatch, a standard or panels with consumption information and documents available RAM.

Beyond that, there is hardly any app that supports what Samsung called Revolving UX, so that the edge transmits only redound or OVERLAP function because despite the lower Samsung been removed TouchWiz launcher dock, with others like Nova or Action likely repeat shortcuts.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: Sensational Smartphone

Another thing that is there, nor contribute anything, is the opportunity to put text or drawings on the edge portion of the display, in the black line and the lock screen. What we dislike is that the source can’t be changed, and breaks the aesthetics of the panel itself a little, since the source is different from the other ones we see displayed. Even though we change the system font, there will be consistency with the font. Taking advantage of the panel Super AMOLED and consumption on black background is negligible, Samsung accepts enabled us a night clock mode on the edge, but only for twelve hours a day, which can be chosen by the user. We suspect that unlike other similar ways as the “Glance” Nokia, which elude burned off and withholdings.

At present, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge lacks the satisfaction power but no doubt that in the future app for this type of display would make it interesting, but now without it seems so meaningless as the 3D smartphone of LG launched two years ago. We are in favor of innovation and everything that can contribute to optimize cellphones, however we believe that everything that comes must be invisible and create uncompromising grow our skills. In this case, the worst is that the customer has to make an effort in ergonomics, application and economy. Therefore, it doesn’t excite but may be the future of mobile with curved edges Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 would make it better. However, ahead competition in form of HTC One M10, is also forcing Samsung to create something better.


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