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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 6 Things To Love

It’s a first world problem, but having a savvy smart phone is the number one accessory. Everyone’s going nuts over the iPad Mini, and lovers of Samsung are drooling over the awesome Galaxy S4.

However, don’t get caught in a rut. If you’re feeling adventurous and just feeling like changing it up a bit later on this year, try the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Whether your mobile phone plan is ending around September or you’re just looking for a change, check these six wiz-bang facts. Before you know it, you might want to jump onto the Samsung Galaxy train for a new era of technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 6 Things To Love

1. Stylish Colours

If you’re looking for a phone that will match your outfit, you won’t be disappointed here. Stay stylish with the black and white colour option with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which will look as sleek as its predecessor.

However, if you’re after a more adventurous colour, word on the grapevine is that Southern Koreans will be tickled pink. Don’t be surprised if you’re wandering around Seoul, and you spot trendy women chatting and Tweeting on their pink Samsung Galaxy to create a more personalised look. Who knows, maybe Samsung will decide to spoil all their customers and release pink Galaxy’s worldwide.

2. A sizable Phone

Let’s face it. Size matters, and with smartphones the trend is that bigger is better. Sick of squinting at your tiny smart phone screen? This is another big draw card from the whizzes at Samsung. We’ve got our ear to the ground, and it looks like customers can expect a whopping 6.3-inch display – this is only 1.77cm smaller than the new Nexus 7 tablet! You can leave those reading glasses at home, thank you very much – the next era of portable display technology is here.

3. Photographer’s Dream

Lush landscapes, street fashion, what do you like to snap? You will be photographing like famous Annie Liebovitz in no time with a 13-megapixel Xenon flash rear camera. Selfie lovers won’t be left hanging either: the rumoured 2 megapixel front camera will cater to all your pouting and posing needs.

4. No more Storage Conundrums

Store your endless images of late night antics, travel memories, family and friends on the Galaxy Note 3 with confidence that you won’t run out of room. This gadget is rumoured to hold 3GB of ram and a mammoth 32GB of internal storage. Of course, there’s also Google’s cloud storage if you’re really struggling.

5. Put your Pen to the Phone

There are Chinese whispers that the popular Samsung’s stylus ‘S Pen’ will be the key to Pandora’s Box, as it has been with previous Galaxy Notes. There’ll be plenty of S Pen friendly apps and programs catering all interests specifically tailored to the Galaxy Note 3.

6. It’s coming out soon!

We heard on the grape vine that Samsung is set to release their latest phone in early September. If you want to be one of the first to grab the Galaxy Note 3, remain on stand-by in the first week of autumn!

Rebecca Parish is a freelance Monash graduate who loves late night cocktails and nifty technology that you can Flexirent.

  • Sep 2, 2013
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