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Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Design Review

Frankly, the design has never been a strong point of production of smartphones Samsung. They can be praised for anything, but not for their appearance. Firstly, most modern devices of Galaxy actual line very similar to each other – changed except that the proportions of the body and its dimensions. Koreans still make smartphones with plastic, even though many B-brands switched to metal. It turns out that the company chose the device those who top specifications importantly interesting exterior. Of course, such a lot of buyers – or Samsung just could not be competing with Apple and others. And here is the Samsung Galaxy Alpha to fill the gaps.

To no one seemed bored, Samsung engineers have in store for “Alpha” a number of interesting gizmos. For example, it works on the company’s eight-core chip last generation with the ability to load all eight threads at once, which can be important when performing any complicated and resource-intensive task. Also Galaxy Alpha installed new modem from Intel, allows receiving data in mobile networks at speeds up to 300 Mbit / s. Complementing the picture is very nice with Super AMOLED-display with a resolution of HD. In general, the new creation of the Koreans will be interesting, but geeks – a glance at the sign specifications enough to understand: with filling in this gadget everything should be fine.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Design Review

If the device is on the table “back” down, take one look at it to understand that the gadget was born in South Korea. At the bottom of the front panel is oblong hardware key “Home”, equipped with a biometric sensor. Next to it are two touch-sensitive keys backlit – “Menu” and “Back”. Here all the usual and standard. In the upper part of the opto-coupler are light sensor and the lens front megapixel webcam. Smooth surface of the panel – it is covered by tempered glass new generation Corning Gorilla Glass 4, and under it hides texture in the form of numerous plus sign.

Galaxy Alpha is different from other Samsung devices small dimensions of the housing. The thickness of the device is the smallest among all the devices in the “Galaxy” – 6.7 millimeters. It weighs too little – only 115 grams. Galaxy Alpha – this is a smartphone, which is really convenient to use with one hand, in the first place – because of the small diagonal screen that is 4.7 inches. In size and ease of use the device can be compared with the sixth iPhone. Immediately begs the thought: “Alpha” gathered to compete with it to this device, because the other Samsung smartphones or significantly greater than it, or inferior in performance.

A significant change in design compared to other devices of Galaxy line is here, in fact, one: the use of a metal frame with plastic instead of sharp edges, streamlined. Of course, visually unpainted aluminum frame makes the device more stringent and if you want, dear. Shine of metal – this is what many have been waiting for from Samsung. By the way, in the Galaxy Note 4 metal ends for some reason painted in the body color than spoil the whole Zen. But Galaxy Note 5 could have metal frame.