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Protecting Smartphone – What To Choose?

Protecting Smartphone - What To Choose?The cases will prevent scratches on the body, scuffs, will make the gloss and glare matte display, but it will not protect your phone from a fall or an impact. For the more extreme situations it is better to use the cover. Fortunately a huge selection now, He is so great that the focus can be very difficult. Let’s try to understand what the market offers, for example, the iPhone 4. In most cases, similar in design to accessories, there are other Smartphone.

Cases of silicone there and the market for long; they are well dampening shocks, excellent protection from scratches and improve the grip device as well as diversify its exterior. There are relatively expensive solutions cost at $ 20-30 more expensive, there are cheaper options. It seems that they are made ??of the same material and the differences should not be, but that’s not quite true.

Cheap Chinese handicrafts are very thin, translucent, can have unpleasant pungent smell and quickly wear out, and stretched. Still, silicone composition is different and varies greatly from this raw material costs. But even if you use a proprietary quality thing, you still have some of the features that appear with time.

In particular, for those who like to carry the phone in a pocket of tight jeans this kind of protection is not suitable, because silicone anti-slip and clings to the fabric. Over time, cover salted and scrub it from the fat can be very difficult. It adheres to any crumbs and dust, but this time depends on the material. There are quite rigid and thin models; with them such complications do not arise.

Plastic covers are attracted to its diversity, though not always; they are able to provide equally good protection, as well as silicone counterparts. These are tough accessories made ??in the form of pads on the rear panel or consisting of two parts connected with each other. In the first case across solutions even very thin thickness of not more than 0.8 mm. These can be replaced and the film will protect the rear panel and side faces from scratches, but no more.

Leather cases give the smartphone business type and provide a degree of protection, although not always easy to operate. You can buy cheap phone cases for your cell phone which will give your phone a new fresh look. For such products the different constructs. The simplest – this is the usual leather pouch with a horizontal or vertical form factor, with or without a valve. Later, there were species with a small cloth strap by pulling on that, you can easily remove the smartphone from the punch. Some models even have a magnet that holds the tongue. Below the picture it is and shows.

Very light cover is made ??of aluminum and consists of two parts held together by four bolts.
As an option, carbon panel, but it is glued to the double-sided tape, which is not very convenient.

Complexity of Choice

Choosing a protective cover – this is a very individual matter, depending on many factors, ranging from the budget and ending the preferences of the consumer. To get started is to decide what level of protection is required and what the user is willing to tolerate. Or maybe just want to diversify the appearance of your favorite gadget? The mass of options, the choice is huge. One only has to remember that miracles do not happen, and not always just the money comes from for the brand. Among the cheap Chinese-making across really interesting and cheap products, but more often nameless accessories from China only cause disappointment that checked up on personal experience of the author.