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Professional SEO Service Maximizes The Visibility

Professional SEO Service Maximizes The Visibility

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO can be considered to be a refinement tool in the online marketing endeavour. The search engines, as the name implies, are for searching out the required information or the page from the vast jungle of information available in the net. The producers and service providers also have uploaded their web pages in the net with the intention to reach their customers. But there is no guarantee that the visitors will be able to see their web page out of so many in the fray. The SEO companies, here, come to their rescue. The job of SEO companies is to rank up similar web pages as per the key word entered by the seeker, with the intention to present the browser with the most relevant page in order of relevance.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are major SEO companies and have already developed vast data base. Their engineers have developed software which uses a complex algorithm to decide the ranking.

The algorithm uses many signals and sub signals in the web pages, internalises it and stores in the data base. Although the number of signals and sub signals can be as high as 200 signals and 10000 sub signals, which is impossible for a layman to consider, it is prudent to know about a few basic signals that may help in designing the web page. It is worth mentioning here that different SEO companies use different algorithms and they go updating their algorithms too, to cater to the changing requirements. As for example Google algorithm has a weighting on oldness of a site, whereas Yahoo do not bother for oldness.

SEO has software, called crawler or spider. It crawls each and every page in the net and captures the signals and sub signals. These signals and sub signals are pre decided and fed into the programme of crawler. Considering about 20 billion pages in the net, it is but natural that the crawler will not be able to crawl your page regularly. Your turn may very well come after two or three months. Considering this, you should design your web page cautiously, taking all important point into considerations so that you do not miss any cycle.

After picking up all the signals and sub signals, the next job is indexing. Here the algorithm comes into play. The software, using the algorithm, now signals fed into it, makes ranking of the pages and keep them in the data base. As and when the seeker enters a key word and clicks the mouse, the whole lot of pages come before his eyes, serially as per relevance to the key words.

Basic Important Signals are:

Key words: These words should be able to represent the product, service or the content of the page. It should be the words that usually flash in the minds of the users whenever they wish to enter the key words into the search engines. The crawler picks up the key words for making the index.

The title is also a signal that helps in ranking. The title of a page, like that of a book, should be representative of the content.

Links: This is a vital signal which increases the credibility of the site. The page should give as many reference links as feasible. The authentic links are marker of the page’s reliability and credibility which helps in getting good ranking.

While selecting SEO companies, care should be taken to its reliability. Some companies, in order to rank up their customer, use deceptive and hideous practices, which are not approved. These attract penalties and search engines may take out the web page or debar access to their data base as a punitive measure. Thus, look for the best SEO Service Phuket.

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