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PHP Training : The Way Forward!!!!

  • Jun 28, 2013
  • Jane Davies
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PHP is a language (server scripting) which was initially designed for the purpose of web development but now it is also used as a programming language used for general purposes. It was developed in 1994 when Rasmus Lerdorf wrote the scripts of CGI Perl for his own homepage. Functions like resume developing or web traffic recording were performed by the various tools. With the passage of time, PHP can be found in nearly 244 million sites and about 2.1 million servers. Earlier, PHP was interpreted as the Personal Home Page but now it has a wider scope as it is taken as the PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.


Appropriate Training of PHP

It is very mandatory to have the basics of PHP for being an expert in programming PHP. For PHP programming, an absolute configuration of web server is needed. Though, it can be run on UNIX, Linux also, yet the source code of PHP has to be downloaded for PHP programming. PHP can also be installed with a CD.
During the training of PHP programming, one can get to know the process of encryption. In this way, the procedure will be taught with perfect clarity. PHP can be used to execute encryption but then one cannot retrieve the data into its original form. This process is given the name “One way Encryption”and Md5 and crypt can be used for this purpose.
In the recent years, the value of PHP certificate adds to one’s growing career. PHP from any good institute will help one to grab fascinating career opportunities. Apart from PHP certificate, Lernpact certificate is a very valuable certificate with the help of which one’s potential is proved.

Where to go for PHP Training?

An institute with a very good profile will help one to make the foundation of PHP very strong. However, it is equally important for one to know the performance of the candidates in the past years and also the placement options offered by that institute. As we all know that the study environment of an institute influences the learning process and also the career, so, one should be very careful in selection of any institute before joining.
Though there are many career opportunities for the youths, yet if one is interested in the programming sector PHP is the best. With very advanced features, one can perform various operations. Being very easy to learn and being offered good placement opportunities, one can go for PHP training and easily rely on this career.