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Outleads Optimizes Telephone Marketing

Few aspects of modern commerce receive more scorn in pop culture than telemarketing. The image is of an outdated technology, outsourced to India, bothering people in their homes, during their personal time.

The truth is more complicated. Telemarketing generated over $900 billion in sales in 2012. Many customers voluntary solicit telephone marketing. It’s probably fair to say Barack Obama won reelection on top of the most concerted telemarketing campaign in modern political history.

As Outleads founder Dorin Rosenshine explains, “Most people think that, because of how prevalent the internet is, telephone marketing has disappeared. When in reality, telephone advertising is still one of the most valuable methods out there. It’s human, for one, direct, measurable and provides immediate data. More importantly, though, it fits with the new methods as well. It’s still a big part of the marketing landscape, and what Outleads does is integrate it in a way that is both understandable and translatable into targeted sales and advertisements.”

Outleads Optimizes Telephone Marketing

Outleads integrates a company’s telemarketing network into a single number, one-touch button, providing advanced statistical analyses that allow companies to trim campaigns according to which elements are most effective and respond with targeted call-backs.

There is alot that goes into this patent-pending technology, and the details are only likely to excite anyone who’s had to work behind the scenes on one of these online marketing campaigns.

In simpler terms, “Dynamic Capture and Segment Precision were designed to address a number of issues in online marketing: Specifically, how do we provide streamlined call-tracking data that captures the full picture of a given marketing campaign, and how do we convert that information into usable subsets that make sense for businesses and help them be more effective with their customer response?”

In the modern world of telemarketing, that’s nothing to throw scorn at.