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Optimize Room Cleaning with Automated Cleaning Robots

Automated Cleaning Robots

Automated Cleaning Robots

Keeping the room and vicinities clean happens to be our primary focus as a clean surrounding breeds cleaner minds. Over the years, cleaning techniques have demanded several scientific inclusions out of which automation happens to be most desired option. Technological inputs have thus revolutionized the cleaning concepts keeping in mind the ease of device handling. Several sections need to be incorporated and worked upon keeping the technical aspects in mind. The level of intelligence can also be changed by making software based changes to the overall model. Some of the associated sections which need to be addressed with technical intelligence include the following:

Correcting the Mechanics

Implementing additions in the overall mechanical design remains to be important. The robotic model which can be created needs to have a perfect mechanical design so as to allow constant spins in every possible direction. The incorporations need to include a moving wheel which has uninhibited motion characterized by a freely moving axle. A simple motor assembly with a brush like structure can be implemented mainly driven by direct current for a basic model. Advanced model may include other arrangements which can be incorporated accordingly.

Driver Section to Facilitate Movement

Choosing the motors is an important aspect which needs to be taken care of. Stepper motors are normally recommended as they dissipate less power and are more efficient in turning the wheels properly. The proper tracking of the distance travelled is difficult to determine using the DC motors. The overall drive needs to be controlled by incorporating selective H-bridges facilitating movements back and forth. With stepper motors, all the associated intricacies can be addressed as the ULN2003 is used inside. The entire algorithm can be modified according to the room size using the stepper motors. The adequate amounts of torque may come as a difficulty which can be addressed effectively by including batteries with higher capacity. Opto-Isolator circuit needs to be used with the DC motors to facilitate the cleaning process.

Controlling Unit Specifications

This happens to be the heart of the device which needs proper microcontrollers added with effective I/O devices to enhance the interfacing. This can be paired with a usable RF section which adds wireless controlling to the vacuum cleaner. The overall section motor drivers need to be incorporated with the sensor section.

Sensing Unit Inclusions

Several inclusions can be made to strengthen the over circuitry of the device. This can be well attributed to the use of and infra red transmitter receiver pair, allowing the cleaner to change the course on encountering any obstacle. Multiple modules can be used which allows the device to handle obstacles from all the specified directions. Accelerometer can be used to make the device more intuitive. Programmable I/O devices need to be used which can measure the angles well and change the course accordingly.

Special Software

P-Spice and other effective variants can be used which enables the user to control the machine in a better way. The programming needs to be done keeping the changing room requirements and also by implementing the basic algorithm of functioning.

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We can thus conclude that making the vacuum cleaner more intelligent can help impart better cleanliness and also enables the user to handle the device in a better way than usual.


Modulating a vacuum cleaner by using microcontrollers and other electronic additives by making the device more intelligent and user friendly.

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