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Optical Character Recognition and Its Working

OCR, an acronym for Optical Character Recognition is an advanced technology used to convert graphical and scanned text into plain editable text. This technology works wonders for you when it comes to scanning printed text document pages. Often we have to deal with situations when we have to make use of the text on hard copy printed pages of a document in computers. In many cases we don’t necessarily have the electronic version or soft copy of that document. In such situations we generally have to type the whole document in a word processing file on computer which is very time consuming and exhausting. Another way is to scan the printed pages into PDF files on computer, but what if we have to edit the text in the scanned document? Scanning works only in situations where we don’t need to alter the contents of the document, which is rare indeed.

So we certainly need to have a way to make the optical text on the scanned documents editable. PDF OCR for Mac in the PDF converter pro for Mac provides us with the ability to edit graphical texts in scanned documents. is a place to know more about PDF OCR. Editing scanned documents is the need of people related to almost every field ranging from education to commercial business and banking to governmental departments. It saves users the time and energy of retyping and reformatting printed documents’ text.

Optical Character Recognition and Its Working

PDF converter pro for Mac has this powerful OCR capability to let you digitize your important documents by converting scanned PDF files to editable documents. You can extract texts, images and any other component out of the scanned PDF document according to your need. You can convert the scanned PDF files to the file format of your choice such as Excel, Power point, Word, Epub etc.

It is very easy to convert scanned PDF files to the file format of your choice in a few simple and interactive steps. Download and install the PDF converter pro for Mac and open the interface. First of all you need to identify the scanned documents you want to convert. Import those documents to be converted to the console of PDF converter Pro for Mac or simply drag and drop then on the interface of the software.

You have to select the “Convert scanned PDF documents with OCR” option down toward the bottom in order to convert the scanned PDF files. Do the necessary customizations for each file added for the conversion. Customization might include selecting the range of pages or the whole document for conversion, destination folders for the converted files and instructions about keeping the same formatting style and layout or changes in layout otherwise. You also need to specify the output format of the converted file in a drop down box.

When you are done with all the required customization, it is time to hit the convert button down in the right corner and start the conversion. You don’t need to wait for more than a few seconds for the completion of the conversion.