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Online Shopping At Walmart Is Going To Be More Easy

  • Mar 29, 2013
  • Rekha
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If you live in the United State and mostly shop at Walmart, then there is a good new for you. If you have been ordering Walmart’s products online and picking up the product from the nearest Walmart store then you will save loads of time in coming days. The officials of the leading retailer in the country said that they are soon launching the concept of in-store locker.

WalmartWhat is in-store locker? An in-store locker will be placed inside the local store to avoid the rush and to save the precious time of customers. For instance if you online and purchase product from Walmart, then you don’t have to wait in lines to pick that product anymore. You can just walk in to the store and visit that in-store locker, pick your stuff and leave. No lines, save time.

You don’t even will need talk to the store keeper or clerk for help you out, because you will not need them to pick your ordered product from the store. The concept is in the test mode right now, and it will be done several stores across the country in a market that is undisclosed.

This will be done to avoid rush at the stores. Online shoppers are increasing day by day and citing the future, officials have decided to launch in-store concept to keep themselves organized and to let their customer save time and money. They are expecting more and more online shoppers as they are about to launch their shopping app called “scan and go”.

This people from seventy stores across the country can use this nice and fantastic application, “scan & go”. Very soon it will get launched in cities like Neb, Omaha, Phoenix, Denver, Oklahoma, Okla, Mont, Seattle, Wyoming, Austin, Portland, San Jose and others. If you live in these cities, get ready to experience the new concept of shopping. You can shop any product, and use your mobile to scan that product and pay at a separate counter to check out fast without having to wait in long line.

People who use iOS means Apple iPhone users only can use the app for now, hoping that Warlmart will introduce an app for all the platforms mainly for Android. All in all if you have an Apple phone, get ready to explore new world of shopping and save time. Mr. Thomas, one of Warlmart officials said that the app will help the company to sell more and more electronic goods to the customers.

He cited that in future, customers will increase because of the app, and the company will be able to sell more electronic items. Competing with others in the business, Walmart official is making sure that they keep that they keep their success rate intact by introducing new app.