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February 10th, 2014
Online Security with Pixeom


Online Security with Pixeom


The constantly deepening NSA spying scandal has brought the undercovered issues of cybersecurity to the forefront of public debate.

Between misleadingly “free” services that sell their users’ personal information and the hackers and government intelligence operations that invade personal privacy, people are coming to view the internet as the dangerous, sometimes lawless place it actually is. Indeed, a recent Peer1 study found that 96% of users feel security is the most important factor in choosing a cloud storage service.

Now there is a device that can offer that and more.

Pixeom is an innovative 16GB SD cloud storage box, with pre-programmed apps for file-sharing, e-commerce and social networking. The boxes are infinitely scalable, and can be scaled and mirrored on external hard drives. More importantly, the information they contain stays where the box does, giving users total control over their privacy and security.

“Data centers are a thing of the past. It’s time that users had total control over their personal storage and security. We should be allowed to own our data, make our own rules, and keep our privacy when we want it,” says co-founder and CEO Samir Nagar.

Nagar envisions a global network of Pixeom devices, replacing the short-term savings of a third-party service provider with the long-term stability and certainty of personal information centers. Pixeom users will be able to create their own digital commerce centers, networking platforms and information hubs, and on their own terms.

It remains to be seen whether the idea catches on, but some 523 backers and $$75,000 on Kickstarter indicates it could be the right time for a powerful idea.