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Online Education: Opportunity To Improve Computing and Internet Skills

One of the many fringe benefits of obtaining an online education is the opportunity to enhance your computing and internet skills. In today’s information/knowledge based economy, the enhancement of such skills is critical to becoming competitive in the workforce.

Online education will require the student to upload/download files via FTP websites, create electronic submitting of assignments and exams, use email to communicate with students and professors, use web-based message boards to discuss technical subjects, use java chat applets to communicate in real-time with students and professors, etc.

Online Education: Opportunity To Improve Computing and Internet Skills

These electronic skills will benefit the student down the road in his/her job. Learning these skills in the online education arena is especially crucial to baby boomers or others who are more likely to not have previously been exposed to this technology.

When I was an online student at the University of Maryland, I enhanced my electronic/internet skills in the following ways:

  • I learned how to use the drawing function within MS Word to create complex illustrations to illustrate design approaches.
  • I learned how to use MS Equation Editor to illustrate the solution to equations.
  • I learned how to embed spreadsheets within MS Word documents to allow a reviewer to manipulate and view solutions.
  • I enhanced my online search abilities in the quest to complete specific assignments.
  • After I graduated, I continually impress my superiors with my enhanced electronic skills.