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Nexus 2015 Aka Nexus 5 : What We Know So Far?

A lot of rumors are pointing to an updated version of Nexus 5 aka Google Nexus 2015, and it’s true. Nexus 5 was a hit, keeping the one handed use in mind and offering a powerful hardware, it still holds it’s crown as the best Nexus ever. Motorola tried a stab at the Nexus with the Nexus 6, did it succeed? Yes, to an extend, the 6 inch size makes it ideal for two handed use and the powerful hardware and QHD AMOLED display all mixed with a slashed price makes it one compelling Nexus.

Well, this is about to change with Google putting together a new Nexus for 2015, the successor to Nexus 5. The all new leaks and renders if true show us a clear picture of how it’s going to be. The new Nexus 2015 will give stiff competition to upcoming Galaxy S7.

Nexus 2015 Aka Nexus 5  What We Know So Far

The display will be given a boost to 5.2 inches and QHD for the resolution. The new IPS panel will provide more accurate colours and depth not to mention better viewing angles.  All the latest flagship devices come with a Snapdragon 810 out of the box with the LG G4 taking things to a lower but powerful Snapdragon 808 to avoid heating issues. Nexus 2015 will arrive with a similar concept paired with a Snapdragon 808 instead of 810 and 3 GB of RAM.

The stock Android on the Nexus will ensure that everything will run buttery smooth keeping any heating issues at bay not to mention how optimized Android has become with 64 bit architecture.

The 16 Mega pixel  camera on the Nexus 2015 will cover everything from a morning tea to a night hangout since news points to an OIS ( optical image stabilization )camera paired with all the focusing goodies LG has to offer.

LG is making the new Nexus and we are patiently waiting to see the updates. Google is planning to release the new Nexus 2015 in late October, guess the wait is going to be in weeks rather than years this time.

So, gif new smartphone to your workers this Labour day celebrations on Labor Day 2016 !